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  1. How exactly do you set it? Based on Home Away match? Or the pre-match odds? Or only change during the game depending upon match situation/ opponent's strategy?
  2. Hey TFF, so no more update since long? Any Public Beta Test tactic worth sharing?
  3. Hey RDF, can you share your HOME, AWAY, and ATTACK tweaked versions?
  4. I tried 3 at the back from you. Very solid defensively but this year's ME doesn't favour those formations I believe. Look for ARGUS set. 343, 352, 3412 all can be found. @ilyes92300
  5. Hey, to all the managers using Cerver v4, do you concede almost always due to a quick break by opponent with a long ball behind your D-line, or towards their wings? How to mitigate that? I have reasonably quick center-halves considering the division my team is playing in. This tactic shows brilliant attacking movements but conceding too many for me. Any inputs shall be appreciated. My center-halves are Kehrer, Cardoso, Hector e.g. in one of the saves.
  6. Hey knap, I went to MR L testing website, it asks to join at Encord. I did, registered on the message board, but still unable to see where exactly is the testing table. Please help! Also, if I choose 4 2 3 1, from what you shared in the recommended list, Pari'Walkways SKEW is top tactic, followed by BLACK ECHO 4231?
  7. I really like Kashmir 4141 and Venom & Faith 442 (But I tried converting them to 4231, 451).
  8. Is there a 4 2 3 1 for Kashmir and Venom &^ Faith? These 2 systems play the most beautiful football.
  9. Hey knap, where are these test results? The points you are refering to? Thanks,
  10. Like knap suggested a few posts back, analyze your squad. Now do consider that all of your best players should ideally be on the pitch on their natural or accomplished positions. Then ofcourse, you are spolied for choices in this thread.
  11. Hi. I have tried this tactic for a short while. Looks promising. A breath of fresh air amongst all of this year's extremely high tempo tactics which can drain your players especially while in LLM. Which position scores the most according to ur testing? According to my experience the IFs are chipping in more than Striker.
  12. Hey TFF, does it make a difference if I drag the WBs back a notch to have a flat 4 (visual symmetry ++ the fact that I have options who are natural at Fullback position, but Accomplished at WB position).
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