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  1. Hey knap, for this year's tactics, have you been able to categorize yet what would be the best versions of 4231 and 451 for Underdog teams? Appreciate your insight and sharing of tactics!
  2. As knap said, it is more Assertive / Aggressive teamtalk at halftime. Associated with Sir Alex Ferguson during his time at Manchester United. I have observed that it really works in most occasions. For example, at halftime, even Away as underdog stating Assertively that "Show me something else in second half" works well a lot of times.
  3. Thanks for your quick revert. You have been a great teacher
  4. Hey knap, in light of above statement... Is it better to use Counter at Home, and Attacking Away when underdog (since Attacking mentality is behaving like Counter-attacking in this year's FM). What do you say? For a team like Bilbao in La Liga.
  5. Hey knap, if I change the shape of this tactic to Structured, will it become ARGUS 3421 (IFs) or some other changes are also required?
  6. Hey knap, so nothing among your own new creations has beaten your ARGUS FM 18.2.2 P102 yet?
  7. Ah! Must try it just for sake of it’s name
  8. Thanks This Away, and Pilgrimage 451 Home shall work fine.
  9. Till now having extensively used ARGUS tactics in my saves with a variety of teams, I can safely say, you don't need to even look for any other tactic this year. The topper in Mr. L's table (ARGUS 18.2.2 P102), anyone can use in any situation with any team. You are bound to overachieve. Since I never use Holiday or Instant Result, meaning that I watch and manage each game in Highlights mode, I can safely say that this front 3 role combination is the best to get most out of your strikers (AF - P - AF e.g. Hazard - Morata - Willian, OR Martial - Lukaku - Rashford, and even Alioski - Antonsson - Roofe in my Leeds' save). Style of attacking play is dependent on crosses mostly, but once become Fluid, is fun to watch and you never get the Arcade-like feeling some people are associating with these 3 up-top tactics). My suggestion would be to use provider (more creative type) of forwards in the wide AF roles. And I use to manually set specific man-marking PI for my Poacher, that way let's say Morata used to closely mark one of opposition's midfield player, and thus negating the outnumbering of 3 midfield formations. You can simply take one player out of the picture. The AI doesn't even consider passing to that player, if specifically marked. I also use this technique in a Mourinho-esqe way at the wings e.g. I would man mark Salah and Griezman with Azpilicueta or Zouma when playing against Liverpool or Atletico. To avoid overburdening yourself, just do it against really top players e.g. CA ~ 180s (your Neymars, your Griezmans, your Salahs etc. but leave Messi, Ronaldo plus anyone with Sane's pace alone, since they will make a fool out of your man-marker). Then comes the ARGUS 18.3.3 version, which I believe is even better and my personal favorite. Knap added a very effective "Close Down More" TI in this one, which I found especially helpful in initiating quick counterattacks from middle of the park by winning the ball and distributing quickly to one of AFs, who can launch deadly low cross to your Poacher (who would also be doing a darting run from the back since he was man-marking opposition's midfield player, remember Di Maria, Ronaldo, and Benzema counterattacking under Mourinho anyone???). Also, close down more helps in safeguarding your wings better against those crosses from hell. I have observed that when your WB is unable to track the winger, the Central Defender is somehow neglecting to close down immediately to stop the cross (this applies when the closing down is set to Sometimes). But with Close Down More in this version, they were much more responsive. I had Goldson, Pontus, and Cunningham with Nick Pope in goal keeping clean sheets in first season in Premier league, which I won in the very first season by the way. The VOL4 version with IWBs give you a different approach to Attack (since IWBs are hardcoded to Cross Less, so the Attacking play is even more pleasing to the eye). But I personally don't use it that much, since with Structured shape, the Attack duty of IWBs will mean, they are definitely meant to Attack, so the Defense suffers a little from what I have observed. WBs on Support duty with Structured in the 18.2.2 and 18.3.3 versions safeguard your wings much better. So to summarize, this is my firm tactical philosophy now (maybe some of you can benefit from it as well); - You don't need to look into any other thread to play and succeed this year's FM. Just use ARGUS 18.2.2 P102 for any team, any situation. It will defend well, it will score loads. If your team isn't scoring, just make sure you have 20% Attacking Movement match preparation training. And also more importantly don't forget to give Fergie's hairdryer treatment at halftime, they will respond well. - Come the tough Away games, the Cup Finals, the Away Europeon nights, you can set BWM (s) to BWM (d), and stop your WBs to stop hunting the wings by setting their duties to Defend. That's it. No change in PIs. - And definitely, you need a SUS tactic like the one posted in this thread to save a lead and/or some legs on the pitch. Since all of the above have quite high intensity (I am yet to try Counter mentality with ARGUS which is bound to lower the intensity and avoid injuries considerably, like many managers have tried with Midsomer 442s with great success), and I have observed that no matter what, injuries are unavoidable with high intensity tactics. I usually take the starting 10 outfield players and give them 2 days rest from training when the midweek games start to thicken up. Or in-short, I wanted to say Thanks Knap for making this game enjoyable !!!
  10. Thanks, so in this case, if I choose to use ASH system, which tactic performed the best in your opinion?
  11. Hey knap, in the SUS tactic, did you change the middle BPD role from Cover to Stopper as well? Was that on purpose? I notice in the original it is Cover with Close Down Much More. Please clarify. Thanks for your excellent work, which lets us enjoy this game. Cheers!
  12. Hey knap, can you please share a 451 tactic based on ARGUS as well. That would be perfect Away tactic. Thanks a lot for your excellent work.
  13. SUS means Shut-up-shop (a waste time defensive tactic), for saving a lead or a few legs on the pitch.
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