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  1. Hey knap, among ARGUS with 3 at the back, which ones you think are more efficient Attack wise and solid defensively? Thanks,
  2. How exactly do you set it? Based on Home Away match? Or the pre-match odds? Or only change during the game depending upon match situation/ opponent's strategy?
  3. Hey TFF, so no more update since long? Any Public Beta Test tactic worth sharing?
  4. I tried 3 at the back from you. Very solid defensively but this year's ME doesn't favour those formations I believe. Look for ARGUS set. 343, 352, 3412 all can be found. @ilyes92300
  5. Hey, to all the managers using Cerver v4, do you concede almost always due to a quick break by opponent with a long ball behind your D-line, or towards their wings? How to mitigate that? I have reasonably quick center-halves considering the division my team is playing in. This tactic shows brilliant attacking movements but conceding too many for me. Any inputs shall be appreciated. My center-halves are Kehrer, Cardoso, Hector e.g. in one of the saves.
  6. Hey knap, I went to MR L testing website, it asks to join at Encord. I did, registered on the message board, but still unable to see where exactly is the testing table. Please help! Also, if I choose 4 2 3 1, from what you shared in the recommended list, Pari'Walkways SKEW is top tactic, followed by BLACK ECHO 4231?
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