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  1. Hello! I've noticed that quite a lot of the time, when i start up my computer and then go to open steam to play fm I get an error message saying... "Steam is already running in a different Windows user session" However steam is not open, no one else in my house uses steam and there is no one else on my network!? This also happens when i just click the fm2012 icon too, is there a way around it? or a reason why it happens? any help would be appreciated cos it happens at least 40% of the times I try to start the game and I have to restart my laptop at least once! Cheers! James
  2. Thanks for all your idea's so far guys, lots of good idea's now, boavista sound like a really good challenge... i had no idea about their relegations, keep em coming if you've got anymore! James
  3. I normally play as two teams at the same time, previous examples are Liverpool (my team) and preston (FM11 with an 11/12 update) Valencia & Watford, Juventus and Dagenham etc... currently looking for a good 2nd team idea if anyones got one (foreign, lower league, non league or foreign lower league?)
  4. Ok Thanks for the help How do I open ports?/Know which ports need to be open to play against certain people? (Sorry!) James
  5. Hi! I've never played an FM game on steam before, and I've also never played a Network game on FM (because of getting error messages despite following the tips on this site) Can anyone who has tell me if steam makes it easier to play network games on FM? I noticed you can add friends to Steam (similar to MSN) I'm obviously new to steam and am dying to get into a good network game and test myself against some proper managers! Cheers! James
  6. Hello! As i'm not all to upto date with european football (don't have sky) who do people think would be a good game on fm 12? I have thought about Roma and trying to get them winning Serie A and the Champs league since their takeover, Malaga in spain, maybe you know of a team who's gone on a bit of a decline in the last 12-24 months (No jokes about liverpool please ) River plate? Monaco? What do you reckon guys? James
  7. thanks for your feedback guys... preston had very little money, had to sell to balance books etc, i know it's not quite the same as non -league, but certainly harder than premiership managing, if anyone has any foreign team idea's they' be much appreciated too James
  8. Hi guys (and dolls?) So I'm sure we're all looking forward to Friday I'm seeking a little help though, I normally play as 2 teams at a time on fm, I support Liverpool so they will be my first choice I think, but who should my second team be? Can anyone think of an interesting challenge? my last game on fm11 was lfc and Preston, with the aim of getting them from league one to the prem (with an update for this season) So what do you think...? Cheers! James
  9. Philip Degen was released from his contract last night, just fyi.... great update!
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