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  1. Thanks Jorgen. As a heads up, due to a update to the submission system a problem with loan terminations has emerged, please try downloading earlier builds from the link below OR wait for the temporary fix, this is a new problem that wasn't present previously so older builds will not include it.
  2. I've not had any reports of this nature before, best advice I can give is delete them all and re-install and see if that works.
  3. Thank you for the list Jorgen, I assume these are not a list of missing transfers as I know a number of them were submitted. Did you notice any on there that were missing? They can be fixed very quickly.
  4. It's that time of year again, the Official sortitoutsi.net Update is here right in time for the close of the transfer window! The Susie Update is the largest collaborative database for football manager where you can contribute to the database by using our submission system to input the latest transfers, loans and retirements! This years edition has 772,352 changes from 442 contributors (as of September 1st), including updates to club finances, promotions and relegations from across the world, continental qualifications and co-efficient changes, changes to club ownership and much, much more. Please feel free to provide feedback in this thread here or on our forums and remember, if you spot anything missing you can submit the deal using our submission system on our website where it will be submitted for approval ready to go into the next build of the update! Our update automatically uploaded on a regular basis every single day so changes can be entered quickly and easily and become available within a matter of hours, we're always happy to make our update as accurate as possible! (We even have an optional file with CA/PA changes to reflect last season and the start of this season! No more Balotelli playing like Messi, I even hear that Rashford fella is reasonably decent too....) Of course, some things can't be changed using our submission system but I am happy to try and fix any problems as I am in charge of all the extra files. (Still going strong after 12 years of database releases!) You can download the update using the link below, to install please empty your editor data folder completely as any extra files may conflict with the update. Always delete and do a clean install every time you download a version of the update. Specific download instructions are available also in the second link below. https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-data-update https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/27674/official-sortitoutsi-data-update-information-and-faqs-thread
  5. Joining the #Gamalution. Wise move seany, he'll devour Scottish defences for breakfast.
  6. He was a monster in the previous game, at least in "smaller clubs". He was a talisman for my Basel side (in Europe too, he bagged goals in the CL against big teams like Barca and others), ironically the reason I discovered Egypt was actually a treasure trove waiting to be unearthed was I wanted to see if I could make the next Mohamed Salah to sell on for big bucks. It seems this year there's a few more jewels to bring in.
  7. You'll possibly have some WP issues in the English leagues yes, but when I did some test I had no problems in Switzerland, Netherlands etc. Signed no problem for clubs like Basel, PSV etc.
  8. Good spot, he was a mainstay of my defence at Basel in 15 alonguide Dragovic. Bargain on a free, was pretty cheap Midjytlland last time.
  9. Join me as I uncover some of the hidden gems of Football Manager in a country a few of you may not have though about looking in for cheap but top quality talent. Egyptian players tend to be very easy to purchase for very reasonable prices, but you can get some top talent for your cash, it's gold mine if you take the time to scour it. Defenders Great defender for free, well worth a gamble. Pretty good little defender, again, cheap and worth a gamble. Midfielders Got some potential to be quite a handy little player. Rabia develops into a good solid fairly versatile midfielder, worth have in the squad if not as a star player. Sobhy is a brilliant player and is being chased by the big guns early on, it's well worth getting him in for cheap and developing him with you club. I know his role starts as a LB, but his stats are screaming out for some retraining as a left winger, he could be fantastic in that role. Strikers My love for Gamal is unlimited, in FM2015 he scored 30+ goals every season for three years straight at Basel, testing him on this one his goal ratio isn't looking like it's on the slide. I highly recommend you join the #Gamalution, he's easily my favourite FM player.
  10. Name: Ahmed Hegazi Nationality: Egyptian Position: DC Wage demand: 8k What level he's good for: Lower Prem / High Championship Leagues loaded: You'll need to load top leagues in North Africa or at least Egypt.
  11. He is top quality, I remember missing out for him last year and I was gutted because he developed really well, definite bargain this lad in the early game.
  12. Name: Hussein El Sayed Age: 23 Nationality: Egyptian Club: Al Ahly Position: LB/WBL/ML/AML Value: 250k Sale Value: 375-400k Work Permit Needed?: Yes He's down as a left back, but I've actually been trying to retrain him to also be more comfortable as a left winger too, I actually think he'd be better suited to being a left winger than his current role. He's another Egyptian bargain, but as with others (Gamal, Sobhy etc) you get issues with permits in England.
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