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  1. Hi, If I install the latest FMT update, is there a choice of which database to use when starting a new game? Or will only the new database be available?
  2. I much prefer using the starting database rather than the updated version. I've always played FM that way - personally I just find it more realistic playing with the squads as they were at the start of the season rather than having mid-season signings in your squad from the beginning. While I love how this version of FMC has been adapted the iPad, I really hope it will be possible in future versions (and fully appreciating any restrictions on the size of the app) to be able to choose to use the original database even after the transfer window update has been released.
  3. I have a MBP with Retina Screen and certainly don't find the game "unplayable" in any way when running in full screen. Also, holding CMD and pressing Tab will switch straight to windowed mode which as ItsJoeTurner said will let you browse Safari or iTunes, then just tab back to FM and reset it to full screen via the Window drop down menu. I really don't find it that much of an inconvenience.
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