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  1. Not really. Broughton looks almost the same 6 years later
  2. Hey. I just finished my first season with #FCUM and I recommend going for loans and maybe try to sign the players at the end of their contracts. The team has a great core, but also some deadwood. Unfortunately you can discard them only in december as all have signed new contracts in summer. My only 4 free transfers were: Jack Truelove (DL) - I just love this determined speedy guy. He loves to dribble and put croses in. Stephen Akbas (DR) - Nice young lad with bags of potential Bradley Maslen-Jones (CB) - a rock in my defence, with just 2 mistakes leading to goals in 47 games he played in. Kane Ferdinand (BWM) - big guy, pretty technical, managed to snap him just in march 2018 Take a look at my FM17 post wit FCUM about other recommendations. You can't get great stuff just yet, but if you start early with staff recruiting, you can get some decent coaches around 10k per year.
  3. My best players for my FC United side that helped me get the National Hero achivement, also very good signings in FM18: Jack Truelove (DL) - speedy fullback, not spectacular stats, not great margin for growing, but managed an average over 7.05 even in Championship (in 2021) Mich'el Parker (CB) - Liverpool youth, no agility and no determination, but develops alot. Stephen Jordan (CB) - mentioned before, veteran CB, great tutor. Retires in 2-3 years. Stephen Akbas (DR) - Hull youth, great technique, great speed, develops well, can become a Premier League player. Andrew Osei-Bonsu (BWM) - a physical beast from MK Dons. I could only get him on loan. Sam Sheridan (DLP) - already at club, dead ball specialist, consistent playmaker, struggles above League Two. Sean Williams (MC/AMC) - not spectacular, not great stats, but super reliable. Good only for non-league. Callum Chettle (MC) - the best underrated young midfielder from Peterborough. Available on loan, then for free. Gets to become a Premier Division player. Scores 6+ goals per season from 20-25m shots. Averages over 7.30 Will Patching (AMC) - former City youth, has great physique, develops nicely, can be sold 500k+. Petre Skapetis (ST) - mentioned before, well-rounded, a killer for non-league. Stoke product, the only one I can't find on FM18 Simen Moller (ST) - a super-consistent norwegian target man in his prime, wants lots of money (60-70k a year), but scores 30+ goals a season, even in League Two. The only thing is... he's "retired from professional football", so tie him with a long contract before switching to professional status, I missed that chance. There are no wingers I can recommend, I played a narrow 4-3-1-2
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