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  1. As per title, my game is freezing up with no error messages at the same point each time - the end of a match. I am running the Xbox Game Pass app on Windows 10 which is fully up to date, Nvidia drivers fully up to date too. I previously had an issue with the save game crash, but that was fixed via updating the Xbox beta app. In-game date at the crash is 24th October Crash dump file attached. Please help as I'm loving FM19 and having a very promising season with Forest! FM 2019 v19.3.5.1228909 (2019.07.02 00.48.12).dmp
  2. Thanks, I uninstalled and reinstalled both the Xbox beta app, and the game itself, and the issue seems to have gone away. I now get messages about the save data being synced (I presume from the Xbox app) appearing in a separate pop up window, which I wasn't before. Which makes me think the Xbox (Beta) app was the issue...
  3. I've had a new game going since FM19 came to the new XGP on PC last week. The past couple of days it crashes every time it tries to save. It is I believe the exact same issue as this thread from today: I've read numerous other threads on this issue and tried all the suggested solutions, to no avail: Lowering graphics quality to Medium (was high as I have a top spec gaming PC) Adjusting power management setting in Nvidia 3D settings Have latest version of Nvidia driver & Windows update Done a 'reset' on the Windows app settings Have the correct/latest version of the Xbox (beta) app - I'm using cloud save, I cant change this (by clicking 'Save As'...) as this also crashes the game - I *can* load a game but only through using 'most recent' on the title screen. I can't click Load Game from here as it crashes the game. - I can't see any game save files under C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\gamepass\games I'd love a solution to this, or at the very least a way to backup/retrieve my profile and cloud save game prior to reinstalling the game....
  4. I have this *exact* same issue, FM19 on Windows Game Pass. Also started happening a couple of days ago after working well previously. Using Cloud save file. Should I create my own post, or OK to join this one?
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