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  1. this game is good for like a week and now im bored which is strange normally with fm i can play for months and months but this one im bored of it allready and i just find myself playing one game then saving and quiting and going to play mw2
  2. dis is da silly post me thinks op is a dumb hillbilly
  3. but im da helping him wid da suga daddys?
  4. da sugga daddys work by da given u da monies to their back account
  5. da fans r da best dey wespect me
  6. screenshot or bollocks
  7. LOL u hope he will be a good signing? bad news hes ****! lol
  8. why is he better? lol because he is look at the stats dumb ****
  9. join the official mike ashley fan club! hes great he doomed the toon scum
  10. doesnt matter if ur black or white ;p