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  1. Nah, 5:35 pm UK time. At least I hope so as I'm heading off for a poo and maybe some time.
  2. Phwaaaorr .... you minx. Stuff the beta I'm just here to see what PhilT is wearing today.
  3. No problem, just wasn't sure if you (and others) were aware of the time limitations. Hope we all enjoy FM15 when it arrives.
  4. Hi Seyen, the discount code only applies for orders placed before 1st September according to the original post.
  5. FMC - with English, French & German leagues loaded and start with a random lower league French club.
  6. Thanks very much for this, it seems exactly what I'm after. I never use the player search facility anyway as I consider it cheating and makes the game far too easy. I'll probably try this out on the demo for FM12. It would be good if the attributes panel could be replaced with the player stats screen ie, successful passes, tackle percentage etc. I'm glad I'm not the only person who wants to play like this. For a while I felt like a seedy masochist wanting to punish myself by playing FM on ultra-realistic mode. Now, at least, I'm not alone.
  7. As feedback in FM improves - better scouting reports, more player stats, better match analysis etc - should there be an option to turn off player attributes? Currently I find FM too easy (and believe me I'm not a great manager), even starting with a Conference North team in a space of a few months I can buy up lots of good, young, free players who can easily put me into the play-offs in the first season. This is partly due to passive and poor AI management (as highlighted in several posts on this forum) and improving this would undoubtedly make the game more challenging. However, because we can see players skills represented as numbers it makes it very easy to buy good players for your team. In fact it's difficult to make a poor signing and who IRL can name a manager who hasn't made several bad signings? I think having the option to remove visual attributes would make us rely more on scouts and analysis of match stats to find the right player - much like a real manager would. Personally, I think FM is advanced enough now to incorporate this option but I'd like to hear what other FMers think.
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