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  1. I would like it if you could be able to instruct the players on the bench to warm up and give them instructions to pass on to the team when they go on for example tell a certain player to drop back. I would also like to be able to give players pre-game warm ups and then maybe you announce your line up and then a player picks up an injury in the warm up. Player could communicate to the bench in the match to let you know they are tired or have a tight muscle etc. Something which also bugs me is that after you win the league even if you play some players after to get them over the ten game mark they dont get winners medals. IRL they do and i think you should be able to select who the medals go to. For example a star player misses most of the season through injury. You should be able to give them a medal. One final point is that players should be booked for time wasting and relevant time added on
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