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  1. Here is a new link should anyone want to join? Had too revamp and start again. So Fellow Managers you are more than welcome to join. https://discord.gg/qb3XjDNdH8
  2. Not sure it says in the description, but does pre-purchase of FM22 come with FM 22 Touch?
  3. ive got those but still the same color, however it seems like its team dependent because for arsenal it turns white
  4. Hi Fellow skinners New to skinning, how do I change the highlighted text to white or default
  5. anyone interested. Add me, Hopefully can carry over till when fm22 comes out and retain players. Steam Friend Code: 16620613
  6. interested! add me Steam Friend Code: 16620613
  7. cant find you on steam, what's your steam ID?
  8. Game: FM21 Type of Game: FM Touch Age: 35 Timezone: EST When can you play: Anytime after 9am Steam Username: dr_dare
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