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  1. I understand that roam from positions helps with creatvity and unpredictablity. There is one thing i'm unsure of for example b2b roams who steps in place of his position that he vacated? Same thing for a complete forward support that roams, would a player on attack take his place?
  2. Hello Guys. Quick question,how do you get a player to come deep? is it by support roles and roam from position?
  3. Another question i would like to ask is if i have 2 strikers one attack and one support and they both have moves into channels, would they interfere with each others game?
  4. I see so as a team you basically tight mark alreading using the use tighter marking shout. Thanks for the clarification
  5. Hi guys Silly Question Here, does the Use Tighter Marking Team Instruction make individual player use 'mark tighter' like the old days of fm12-13? Just for understanding by the way
  6. Hi guys There's one area in football manager that confuses me a bit which is attacking free kick aim on set pieces. From what I understand: Best Header = delivery aim for centre backs and target men (players with good heading) Short Option = keeping possession and passing to another ( helps for possession football) the others such are Long,cross centre, cross near post and cross far post. I am unsure, who are they aim at? What type of strikers receive these balls? Anyone know now something about this?
  7. Agreed don't ever see him come out, makes me wonder why sweeper keeper defend is there at all. The primary objective is to stop runners or long balls but all I see him do is stay inside his box.
  8. Hi guys As the title suggests what really is the difference because the sweeper keeper defend doesn't rush out and i understand with a high defensive line it is mandatory that a sweeper keeper rushes out for incoming long balls or oneonone with the striker. Now i feel that sweeper keeper support and attack do this, so why have sweeper keeper defend role at all if he is not different from a goalkeeper.
  9. Hi guys As the title suggest what is really the difference between fairly narrow and narrow? Is it really necessary to add yet another instruction as its very confusing at times. For instance from fm10-13 we had narrow normal and wider, where do these new instructions take place? would narrow (of the previous fms) be narrow (fm16) for example? let me know your thoughts on this
  10. interesting find ! one question i would as though is that if i use short passing+retainpossession+higher tempo does this mean that the higher tempo cancel out the lower tempo that short passing and retain posession affect?