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  1. Game: FM21 Type of Game: FM Touch Age: 35 Timezone: EST When can you play: Anytime after 9am Steam Username: dr_dare
  2. Hi Guys i made an FM Touch discord server if anyone is interested. Its a place to talk all things FMT, general chat, set up online games, have fun and many more. Its relatively new but hoping to have a nice community of FM Touch players. If anyone is interested ill put a link to this topic. Thanks
  3. Game: FM20 Type of Game: FM Touch Age: 35 Timezone: EST When can you play: Anytime after 9am Steam Username: dr_dare
  4. thank you for the clarification, so do player instructions have any effect really if its already applied as a team instruction?
  5. Hello fellow managers, wanted to ask a question. Does player instructions stack on top of team instructions? for example if I ask my team to 'Use Tighter Marking' (TI) and then I use it as a player instruction for some players, does it stack or just enforces it a bit more?
  6. Hi fellow managers. Wanted to ask you guys a question. For free kick aim : centre near post far post best header short Does anyone know which free kick suits different types of players ? For example I know “best headers” suits players with great heading like centrebacks and target men,and “short” for long distance shooters. I’m struggling to see which players fit into the other types of set pieces like the poacher/false nine etc.
  7. Hi guys and moderators. I have a question I'm kinda unsure about. What's the difference between "play narrower" and "exploit the middle"shouts? From what I understand " play narrower" focuses of playing through the middle and " exploit the middle" raises the central players mentality higher right? . I play a short passing games for like the ball to move around, so does that mean play narrower would be better than playing on a balanced width. I want the passes to be passed without affecting the mentality like " exploit the middle" does.
  8. Hello Guys. Quick question,how do you get a player to come deep? is it by support roles and roam from position?
  9. Another question i would like to ask is if i have 2 strikers one attack and one support and they both have moves into channels, would they interfere with each others game?
  10. I see so as a team you basically tight mark alreading using the use tighter marking shout. Thanks for the clarification
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