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  1. I can give you a side by side comparison a few years in ( season 4 ) I would say Gabriel is the best option from this. Thought I'd ad my current central partnership as both are cheap to buy. http://imgur.com/a/SoRnJ Jovanovic Cost me £2.4 million and Gomez cost me £5 million, however he should be at Lanus at the start and he moved from there to River then to me. Cost river £1.7 million.
  2. Guys, I have the chance to sign Ozil second season for £30 million, £9 upfront and 21 over 48 months. Wages are £210 k p/w and an absolute eye watering £10 million signing on fee. I've got enough in the bank for it just wondering if he's worth it?
  3. Thanks for the advice Marsupian and aderow, I've updated my formation in line with some of the suggestions, moving my bwm to cm and playing with a dlp in dm, not sure how it's going to pan out but i'll update in the near future. Main reason behind the bwm is it plays to a couple of my players strengths compared with other roles.
  4. So that's my current formation, player roles as stands are GK- distribute to defenders, CB's pass it shorter, lwb stay wider, run wide and get further forward, BWM pass it shorter and shoot less often, CM (s) shoot less, AP roam and direct passing, RW stay wider, F9 roam and DLF move into channels. few screens to show what I'm going to talk about:- League so far League stats for Freiburg So as you can see, my teams not exactly under performing but I have noticed that we concede far too many and we don't score nearly enough, my forward players have shots on target percentages over 60% and my midfielders have reasonable passing accuracies of over 80% i'm aware it isn't a direct contributor to goals but my central creators having passing ratings that aren't crap should surely equate to more chances in front of goal? I'm concerned as to how we aren't producing the goods so to speak. My biggest issue is my defence however, oh my it's leaky! I've come up with a slight change thus far which is by no means a revelation tactically but i'll inform you's as to how it goes. Anyway, any suggestions would be welcome as well. Kind regards Safce.
  5. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Wojciech Szczesny Your Team: Ajax Buyer/Seller: Arsenal Player's Value: £3 Offer: £12.5 Transfer/Wage Budget: easily enough. Patch: 14.2 Season: 2015 summer
  6. just thought i'd share this little shocker with you's, Hopefully i'll find time to do a full update in the near future though. http://imageshack.com/a/img41/4147/elps.png Notice the shots for either side haha.
  7. I've gave in to the lure of this amazing team and started a fresh, early stages so I've just sorted the back room staff and put a bid in for Strandberg and Timo Werner, scouting capari as well as I've fallen in FM love with him at Pescara haha
  8. Tactic spawned from having a piszczek really, he's not exactly a full back and he suited a wing back roll more, he did great until i sold him to Bayern for ~£20 million and replaced him with a rather defensive minded dutch regen wingback. Focus of attack then switched more to the left side of the pitch with Alaba and Asamoah playing there. I'd love to come back to BVB but I think my squads made it to easy to be enjoyable now haha, currently in march and haven't lost or drew a game thus far in the league....
  9. I do believe they have got altered player instructions, mainly ones to do with strengths and weaknesses. I.e. if players are poor at long shots I'm not going to have them on any form of long shots as i feel it limits the play even if they are amazing at them. Poor dribbling and i'll try and limit their runs with ball. That sort of thing. Regards to Weiss, he was the second reason I wanted a Pescara save, first being Capari, oh how i love developing this lad.
  10. Obviously this isn't with Dortmund but it's basically the same tactic, ported from my Dortmund team. As you can see it gets decent scoring returns from the centre forward and left inside forward and most of the assists come from the right winger. Tactic currently in use. Uploaded with ImageShack.us "Best eleven" last season, I personally prefer Gabbiadini as he brings more to the table, straq was played as a Target man support tho. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Screenie of Weiss just to show how many assists he's credited with last season. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Obviously you can imagine the results the superior players from Dortmund would bring, Pescara won Seria A and got knocked out by Bayern 2-1 on aggregate in the semi finals of the Champions league season 2. Hope that's of some help with your front 4 dilemma.
  11. I sold him to Bayern and replaced him with neymar! So it wasn't a bad deal really haha
  12. Tried to get back into my Dortmund save today due to the activity in this thread lately, however I just can't tear myself away from Pescara presently. Anyway if anyone would like some screenies of 6th season Dortmund players/finances yarda yar I'll happily provide within a reasonable time frame lol.
  13. I afforded plenty of effort into a media campaign based around him but alas it was not to be, wasn't as though I needed him as I have superior players for any position he plays. However it's always nice to have top Germans in your squad.
  14. Baring in mind my Dortmund team have won 5 champions leagues 5 league titles and 5 DFB Pokals as well as any other tournament associated with winning these. And draxler wouldn't speak to me and chose a languishing Man utd team when he requested a transfer. Think he may have an innate hatred of BVB since he plays for shalcke.
  15. Pescara's where it's at, champions league football in season two with a team of nobodies haha.
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