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  1. Blimey. Perhaps very high PA and the fact you are so successful? Think highest value for any youth product I've seen is about £8m.
  2. At last - although from past experience on FM20 as Everton - took approx. 5 and 1/2 years for new stadium to open after announcement :-/ Still not too many youth products coming through? Do you think it's linked to stadium / and / or youth facilities? By previous threads, normally good few youth products have come through and made huge impacts?
  3. Fair play. Hopefully new stadium announced soon.
  4. Not far off total domination with an epic season. Obviously new stadium is order of the day - another few years possibly. Considering still another 9 ish months on FM21 - do you plan on staying or fancy moving on - building another team? Dafuge on tour threads are always brilliant to follow, perhaps a smaller team in another league?
  5. Not played too much this version dafuge? Any plans for FM20?
  6. Taken a bit of a break Dafuge? Do miss the updates!
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