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  1. Taken a bit of a break Dafuge? Do miss the updates!
  2. Maybe set yourself a challenge within Pompey. I've done something similar before, like selling all non English players and only allowing yourself to buy English players? It's tough, give the AI a chance to 'catch up'?
  3. I see you are keeping a close eye as usual on wages dafuge? do you find this difficult? Say, your star player starts demanding £150k week or above, do you not give in and end up selling? Is it a tough decision?
  4. Barnet haven't done too bad, fleeting between League and Championship. Never made it to the Premiership though. Barnet
  5. I actually played this save using Man Utd (I'm an Everton fan, but had just come off the back of a long term save with them + I wanted a nice easy rise). Naturally I flew up the leagues as champions each season. May aim was to play for 20+ seasons to get a new stadium built to replace Old Trafford (some I don't even remembering seeing in FM), and of course named after myself. I played for about 23/24 seasons, but no new stadium - I resigned and took over the Everton job (in Championship), and after 1 season of playing as Everton I see a message - Man Utd to get new Stadium, The Ferguson Stadium!!! WTF?!? Slightly confused why I didn't get the new stadium (named after myself), but hey ho. If anyone is interested in any details of how teams have done, just let me know.
  6. Hi dafuge, any chance you could post links to your previous long term saves / challenges please? I did see them in a post a few weeks ago, but I've been through pages and pages but I couldn't find them again. Thanks.
  7. In 2025/26 with Everton. Won the CL about 3 or 4 times, but only won the EPL perhaps once? Seems so hard to in the EPL in my game, although Im top 6 points clear with 5 games remaining this season. Main problem I've found with Everton is finances. You have to be winning either the EPL or CL every season or go very far to get some serious cash in. See below pic of my finances and I don't think I've bought a single player, yet I'm still in the red :-( Just had new stadium built though, the Everton Stadium. Was hoping they would name it after myself but never mind!!! Trying to concentrate on my own youth but not too many amazing players coming through. http://s15.postimg.org/vgp9dylqz/finances.jpg http://s15.postimg.org/66uhqvezf/stadium.jpg http://s15.postimg.org/mx5vg7dej/janssen.jpg http://s15.postimg.org/pd7ou1vh7/robson.jpg
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