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  1. the rules page in serie a doesn't give a lot of info on player requirements and thought was missing something, that's great guys cheers for the help
  2. Brill so you can sign 2 NEW non eu players per season and it won't affect how many are in my squad! Do I need a specific amount of homegrown and/or trained in club/nation players when doing squad registration for new season?
  3. Where can i find a list of rules for italian Serie A as i`m trying build a new fiorentina team and already feel i`v signed too many non eu players who may not be all able play in same team??? also how many players in my squad should have "trained in nation" and "trained in squad" status??? Finally if non eu player (i.e.Argetinian) with no second nationality is trained in nation is he still non eu player in starting line up or not??? Any help at all would be brill as i`ve put my save on hold until i know who can play in my team.
  4. yeah think i`m caught there alright, had look through them all and all loans dont have any mention of recall, i can offer them to clubs but they still have to complete there loans first so will be at least year before see money from them, only left with 3 million so not much rebuilding of squad till next year
  5. just started game with fiorentina and have very little money play with,my whole reserve team is on loan how do i call them back into squad so can sell most of them???
  6. Would love to try help you out here, I do feel your biggest problem is your the fact you want to sit and wait on other teams mistakes, this waiting game is gonna put serious pressure on your defence and at this level it will be really hard simply because the level of players are not great and will make mistakes THAT INCLUDES YOUR PLAYERS. Technique is a hugh issue because its the basis of how well a player can preform any move so poor technique and decent passing will still see a lot of balls misplaced especially in playing direct style of football as that will encourage quick long hard hit balls forward. Picture shows your in league 2, so did you get promotion yourself or inherit team ? How have last few games gone ? Pics of your midfeilders would be great aswell. Finally dont over think the team comparison page as i`m pretty sure it takes average of all players in first team not just your starting eleven so although it can be helpful to help identify weaknesses in first team it dosn`t natural mean there`s major issue in starting eleven (i.e. Full backs are defenders but if there not best headers it isnt end of world but will bring down your overall average for defenders heading) I`ve had decent run with stalybridge celtic myself in BSN,BSP and L2 over 5 seasons but have hit a hard run myself so hoping this will help me also.
  7. Brill my thoughts where change n. Ireland to isle of man and have that as playable league maybe 2x 14 team leagues so do want leave some teams and players in that league so in clicked uefa is def something will do as euro comp there dosnt bother me
  8. Is there anyway of selecting all players and changing there nationality in one go? Or is it individually ? Also regarding euro competition could I replace northern Irish places with my all Ireland league spots?
  9. Contemplating creating an all Irish league with both republic and northern Irish teams,hoping it will be 4 x 20 team leagues, So first.... Would it be easier to create new league system entirely or just edit republic and create different system for north.... Second..... How could I create national team of all Irish players so that northern Irish players wouldnt be classed as overseas players and vice versa???? Any help would be greatly appreciated (first time league editor)
  10. Played 6 1/2 seasons now between Waterford Utd and Carlilse having 2 promotions and 1 Airtricity League Title, but have always had mid season slumps, the best i can manage is moving 2 cm back to dm amd playing deep counter attacking football and having to accept dropping 12-20 points in month/2 month period. How do you mange the slump?????
  11. i agree completely you see your players positions much easier and get a much better veiw of whats happening off the ball which is a hugh part of the game
  12. just a quick thought as to what roles/stratagies for centre midfield are best used in 442 formation, at the moment i use c.mid (Def) and c.mid (Sup) and it has given me a decent starting block in game but would love to start using Deep Lying Playmaker as my defensive player. What results have people seen with different midfield combinations???????
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