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  1. Italian Cup Quarter Final. Several first teamers rested and a rare start for my wonderkid Right Winger Randy Hermans. MOM with a goal and 3 assists.
  2. End of season clear out

    I usually let one or two of the first-team go. These are usually a wide player who has failed to excite in the previous season or a striker who has become a turkey. Others may include several of the squad players who have not progressed into the world-beaters I bought them for a couple of seasons back. the first season usually sees lots leave, the second less so and so on. Then its usually only one or two unless I have a really bad batch of players hitting their 20's.
  3. May to July (in FM)

    Have my scouts get really busy around March/April to identify any decent prospects. May/June start to scour the reports and usually other leagues such as Brazil/Argentina and Russia for that little gem of a player. Usually want to have deals done for my deadwood by June so that once the transfer market opens I have a good idea of my budget. Other than that Tactics.
  4. Returning to a former club

    My previous save led me full circle back to Bath City. I was at Bath City for 9 Years winning promotion to the Championship and just surviving a tight relegation battle. I was snapped up then by Newcastle for 3 years, with a mid table finish in the EPL and a Euro Cup place in my final season. Before moving to Roma where in 4 years I had won 1 Serie A and a Euro Cup before setting up at Barcelona for 3 years. Having won La Liga twice and the Champions League, they did not offer me a new contract which is beyond me so I went back to Bath. Who in my time away had just been relegated back to League 2. Took them straight back to League 1 and into the Championship play-offs which I lost. Mid table finish the following season and then decided on a new game. I liked the idea of going back and repeating the business yet again, but alas it was not to be. The hardest thing I found to like was the new players, being away so long meant I would have to rebuild the team in the style I liked before after endless years of neglect.
  5. My gripe is that when you select a player from their international screen ie the Argentina Squad screen, it only tells me they are Argentinian. I want to know what their club is not nationality, the big flag next to their name is already a big give away. For Example I dont want to see 18. Matius Ezequiel Schelotto Midfielder (Right) D/WB/AM® Argentina I want 18. Matius Ezequiel Schelotto Midfielder (Right) D/WB/AM® Cesena It used to be like that in previous versions but now I have to sift through the players history to find his club. Also managers from clubs you have never played before saying that They are not your biggest fans and that they dont see eye to eye with you on many things or I get on really well with (you) even though you have never set foot in their country or ever heard of the Europa League qualifying round 1 team.
  6. Shocking standard of defending

    Football is just a funny Ol' game. Love it when you win and hate it when you lose, even more so when you deserved to win. Seems FM12 has hit the nail on the head! How more realistic can you get than dominating a team only for one foolish error or several (Ie Bilbao somehow conceeding 2 goals last night) to give away a goal or lose. Dominating a side does not automatically result in a win, if that was the case Arsenal would be champions virtually every year. Take the advice given by others or keep being frustrated and hitting reload.
  7. Manage Anywhere, Anytime – the ability to add or take away playable nations in your saved game as often as you want. Manage in that country at the start of the next season- meaning you don’t have to stay in the nations which are chosen by you to be playable at the start of your career. --------------------------------- The most importnant feature that I am looking forward too. Will love teh ability to swap continents at ease once you have conquered one. I usually only have Europe and the Argentinian and Brazilian leagues selected as playable to save time.
  8. Bath City and Bristol Rovers. Have to get Bristol Rovers back to where they belong
  9. A team to manage in England?

    I always go lower, usually to my local club Bath City or Bristol Rovers. Much more challenging and far greater sense of achievment even if you just see off relegation.
  10. I would keep them, if they continue to perform at their current standard for the rest of the season and you reach the play-offs and/or gain promotion the interest will still be there. Having said that so long as you can afford their wages, if not sell and use some funds to replace them with cheaper players.