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  1. Nice, will definetly test it when its out. Whats the country and league reputations of the fictional countries may I ask?
  2. So what would be better for small quick attackers, whipped crossing or low crossing?
  3. Might be a stupid question but what is the difference between float, whipped and low crosses in team instructions?
  4. Seriously don't understand why we would need IA? Can't we just consider all competitive International games as big matches and have the Important Matches and Pressure attributes have some affect? I mean a player doesn't play bad just because it's an International match, he plays bad because he can't cope with the pressure given by the media and fans around the world eg. Messi in 2010 and 2011, Ronaldo in 2008, England for the past 20 years.
  5. Well if a player has a high pressure and important match stat then it would make sense that they would play well for the national team right?
  6. FIBA Manager 15 would be good, so you could manage college, euro league and the nba just like fm14
  7. Thanks, I thought it was something completely different.
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before but could somebody tell me what Average points mean in the editor and do they effect your database?
  9. Nation: England, Germany, Spain Division: Premier to First Division European Competition: Nope Media Prediction: 11-20 Board Expectation(s): Don't Care Transfer Budget: 5m minimum? Wage Budget: .. Finances: Other: Want a young team
  10. Why isn't the Serie A there when I go into the Italian National Rules?
  11. - More Realistic Match Engine (more diagonal long passes, more accurate finishing) - Have Swap Positions for all positions, not just the wings. - Transfer System Overhaul - Youth Academys - More realistic attributes for regens - More realistic goal scoring stats for strikers ( Messi, Ronaldo and top goal scorer in BPL should not be hitting 20 less a season) - Be able to interact with transfer targets more like I'm FM13 - Add FIFA Coach of the Year, Puskas Award etc.
  12. Im using FM on 3 different laptops but same account and purchased the In-Game Editor on one laptop which works fine. However, on the other two laptops it says already purchased in the download section but there is no toolbar button at the top of the menu ?
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