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  1. Ding Ding! We have a winner. I don't think anyone will beat that. Not just in terms of the scoreline, but the occasion too. The stadium being named after you is the icing on the cake.
  2. Ignore that positivity Claasen. Real life shouldn't get in the way of creating South America. Get to it man!
  3. Great start, it has to be said. At what level do you think you'll hit that glass ceiling? Also, what skin is that you're using?
  4. Enjoying this so far, @Northernpilgrim. Keep your chin up, this was always going to be one of the toughest stops on the journey.
  5. Been following this from afar since the start. What a save and the right time to end it. Top work.
  6. Following this. Just so you know, only one of your image links in that last update is working. Not sure if it's just for me? Nice one on the title win, especially first season.
  7. That's because he's not real. Danny Blind has been renamed and you have to use the real names fix to correct it.
  8. I have been told by DLGamer that the issue will be sorted by 5pm UK time this evening. So in about 15 minutes or so hopefully...
  9. I purchased the game this morning only to find I get an error message when entering the product key, telling me that the product isn't available to purchase in my country. (I am in the UK) After an email exchange, this is apparently due to SEGA messing up earlier today and restricting product keys in the UK. Whilst not an SI specific problem, I thought it best to share regardless, in case others have a similar issue.
  10. Hi Claasen, I have been playing in New Zealand and just wanted to give you some feedback. There appears to be an issue with jobs in the top tier in New Zealand. The regional leagues work as expected, but there don't seem to be any job openings in the top tier at all. I did wonder if it was just my save and manager's were getting their teams to perform as expected, so I created a test file and holidayed until 2020. There were no managerial changes at all, either via sackings or contracts running down. In the save that I actually play, jobs in that top tier don't even get to the "insecure" stage. Anyway, I just wanted to make you aware as it could be something you could fix. Cheers.
  11. How have you set the transfer preferences for Sao Tome? Do you have a screenshot of them?
  12. We're still having these issues and it's causing the project big delays. Can anyone help?
  13. How do, I'm wondering if someone can help me. Hopefully I explain this well enough because it seems to be fairly confusing. A group of us are trying to create all of the African nations and seem to be running into a bit of trouble. We created a "base file" where all the African competitions were added to the database and all used that to create our files. We'd "save as" and come back to use that file for all the new nations. So far we have created: Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mali. Our problem is that some of the files work together and some don't. I was wondering how this could happen, given that we've created all the files from the same base file? It's important at this point to say that ALL the files work on their own without any problems and have been tested fully. Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia all work together. When I add in Seychelles, I get this message: When I add in Zimbabwe, I get something similar: When I add in Mali, I get this message: When I add in Algeria, I get this message: I have looked in both the Mali and Algeria files and there is nothing wrong with the teams in the divisions. They are all correct with the correct amounts. What gives? As I say, all these files have been made with the same base file. Why are some crashing and others aren't? If anyone can help, I'd be most grateful.
  14. Football Manager Now - A new Football Manager Forum with a growing reputation - @FMNowForum
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