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  1. I have updated my graphic drivers again, if you need an updated crash dump let me know.
  2. Hi guys, the game won't launch, I have gone through the usual fixes and have tried "-small_screen -windowed". I have uploaded my crash dump here if you can check it and help http://rob-wilkinson.com/FM%202016%20v16.3.1.789819%20(2016.06.30%2012.05.15).dmp If you need my DxDiag just let me know.
  3. I restarted my computer due to some Windows issues and all is resolved.
  4. I played FM16 earlier today and everything was fine. Just tried loading it up again now and it is getting stuck on the file save loading screen (as shown below). I have tried verifying the steam files and deleting the cache but the save file still won't load. Any ideas? Cheers, Rob.
  5. I would love the addition of going to a training session (when ever you choose to) seeing how your players are training for your own eyes. Might seem pointless but I can see it adding quite a bit more realism.
  6. Just curious, when can we expect the January transfer update?
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