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  1. As we said in another thread, the problem is that in the next season there will be a reform of the Italian Lega Pro and we can't add the serie D with this reform..
  2. SI should help us..We can't add the Italian serie D through the editor.
  3. I'm sorry but I don't understand very well what you say.. What do you mean with "duplicating"? How can I do this?
  4. Did someone try to add the Italian serie D successfully? It's really impossible that nobody is able to do this. SI has to help us.
  5. I tried to rebuild the italian structure but when I verified the editor said that there was an error because it didn't find the under 19 competition. What can I do? If you want I can post my db and someone can find the error! Sorry for my english
  6. I have to add new rules and new competitions? And what about the old structure?
  7. So if we want to add the Italian serie D we have to recreate all Italian leagues? It's really impossible to do.. I'm sad because I bought this game only to start with my favourite team that is in serie D and I can't play with it.. (Sorry for my english, I'm an italian guy)
  8. Che forum è? Ho visto che sei italiano quindi approfitto senza scervellarmi a scrivere in inglese
  9. I've the same problems, I spent lot of time with the editor but it's very difficult to create the Italian serie D because next year the serie C2 will change and so I don't know how to do..
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