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  1. Sorry if this question has been asked, but do you?
  2. 1st Season Finished After a couple of injuries to a couple of our best players, perisic, skriniar, icardi we unfortunately failed to win the Italian Cup after a 2-1 extra time defeat to Lazio. The goal that I conceded to lose, (Cancelo) poor positioning allowed a 35 yard cross to go back stick and a tap in. However, we manage to qualify for next seasons champions league which is huge because Icardi would only stay if we qualified! We finished 3rd 6 points behind Torino, 1 point behind 2nd. Positives Handanovic 24 clean sheets for the season. 21 goals conceded all season. 4th highest scorers in the league with 61 goals, torino finished 1st with 70. After a very slow start, Icardi finished top scorer for us with 21 league goals. Andrea Pinamonti 19 years of age, played 21 games coming on for Icardi mainly. A very good prospect and cant wait for what next season holds for him! Negatives Lack of depth in the squad was the main reason, we fell short this season. Need to bring in 4-5 first team players if given the funds! A couple of mistakes with me regarding aggressive roles when in game, something I will learn from! Thank you to all of you guys, who contributed. I feel like I have a much better understanding before I started this thread.
  3. Yep same with me, IRL I am a defensive midfielder so I like to keep it tight! I just hope they give me some funds for next season! Inter Milan hopefully back in the Champions League after a couple of years absence!
  4. Qualify for the champions league, touching wood unless an absolute bottle job happens then the expectation should be met! Current League Table ^^ Recent form below, into the Italian Cup Final vs Lazio! Handanovic Hits 20 clean sheets so far this season! Yeah during the season, I am just shortlisting players who I would like to bring in to improve the starting 11 & general squad depth. I know I need another CB because Miranda is 33 years old currently, a LW who runs down the line and not inside, then I am able to put Perisic on the other side, 1 ball winning midfield, another attacking minded player with traits like run from deep, gets into oppositions area. Brozovic currently has arrives into opposition area!
  5. Update After playing around with the 4141, I have made a couple of adjustments which has seen an upturn of results against the lesser teams. The first adjustment was that we took away the Mezzala Role because of Perisic being on the same wing and his traits, they were running in the same space. We replaced the Mezzala role with CM (A). This normally being Valero is starting to chip in with a lot of key passes & goal contributions from the middle which is very good! So the midfield looks like this currently. Winger (A) BWM (S) CM (A) WM (S) A (D) Depending on the opposition, I may change the BWM to a DLP (S) with more risky passes TI. We then would switch Valero to the DLP (S) as he has best vision/passing in the team, Brozovic goes into CM (A). League Standings, we are currently 4th. 9 points ahead of Napoli in 5th with 23 games played, however we are 4 points off the top, 3 points off 2nd and 1 point off 3rd. So the top 4, anyone could win it!
  6. Thanks for the response again mate, I dont know about a playmaker because I feel that possession football isnt my kind of style. I like quick attacks, so ideally someone who is going to support the striker with good off the ball movement, late runs into the goal, similar to frank lampard in his prime!
  7. I had something similar, in my 4141 inter Milan save, David’s santon was my LB for the first 2-3 games & he kept getting caught out of position. So I signed a CB who is left footed, to play LB full back support but with a low risk mentality. He has made a massive difference to my defence
  8. I think I read somewhere that an AP will attract players from the opposition to close him down, which would leave space open for other players? Thanks for your feedback
  9. After reading through suggestions, which I am all thankful for. I am not able to play the game until tomorrow evening but many people are saying to possibly drop the bwm - s for someone who is more attack minded? I have a player in mind, borja Valero has fantastic vision, good passing, good off the ball, Decent decisions, can’t think of the exact numbers but I know most of the attributes I’ve stated are a minimum of 15. He would be a good playmaker espically against teams who park the bus, so possibly an AP (s)? In away games, where I am set up to counter, where I have been picking up some very good wins. Juventus, Napoli, sassulo & fiorentina all beaten away from home with only 1 goal conceded, if I play a playmaker wouldn’t he attract the ball from his team mates? Therefore, possibly stopping a quick transition into a counter? Also, there is times where I get a overload on the left hand side with perisic & brozovic. Them two have linked up well at times, creating chances & goals, even though due to perisic traits they may run into the same space.
  10. Thanks to everyone for replying! I apologise that it was a bit later, I was so engrossed into the save that I forgot to pack my stuff to leave for my 45 minute drive to see my girlfriend. I continued the save whilst I waited for replies in this thread, I continued with my 4141 formation and I changed formation to 4231 when I felt I needed to be more aggressive. We ended up beating Napoli 3-1 away using 4141, went 1-0 behind early on against Crotone at home, I changed to a 4231. won 2-1, then won 4-1 at home using 4231 against Genoa in the Italian Cup. 4231 - The purpose of this was to be in the faces of the opposition and create a high block. GK Defend - Distribute to full backs. RWB - Attack - Aim Cross for Back Post (Left Winger Attack) Perisic ended up getting 2-3 goals during those 3 games, including the 2nd important goal against both Napoli and Crotone! CB - Defend CB - Defend FB - Support - Due to the nature of my left, a centre back that can play left back. Fewer Risky Passes LCM - Mezzala Support RCM - Defend RW - Inside Forward Support (Sit Narrower) Close Down More, Tackle Harder CAM - AP Support (Move Into Channels) - Wanted to create movement, was using Varejo as he had 15 Off The Ball. Close Down More, Tackle Harder LW - Winger Attack - Close Down More Tackle Harder ST - Poacher (wanted my striker to concentrate on scoring and staying in the box, esp when the guys behind him can create and move the opposition around) Close Down More, Tackle Harder Thank you again for taking your time and giving me some constructive feedback! I played 3 games whilst, I was waiting for replies and when I moved my wide players up the field, I definitely noticed my RWB attack get a lot more opportunites to cross the ball! Something I am going to stick with when I play against teams who like to sit back. I would use a wide playmaker, but I do not really have one in my team, only really an inside forwards (candreva, perisic) the only playmaker I can think of the top of my head would be Borja Valero! This is something I am definitely going to experiment with! Thanks again mate.
  11. Not much, with a change of roles I could make 4141 play like a 4-3-3 right? Thanks for all the replies guys! I will be replying very soon!
  12. Thank you for giving up your time to reply! My top goalscorer so far is Perisic with 5 goals, followed by Candreva with 4 goals. Perisic goals have mainly come from crosses, from Icardi moving into the channels, getting a cross in and Perisic is attacking the back post and scoring. Having posted, I just played another game, winning 3-0 away against Sassulo, I can counter attack teams, but I am struggling with breaking teams down at home hence the 0-0 draws.
  13. Welcome guys, I am seeking for help regarding my 4141 formation. I am in a save with Inter Milan and the expectation is champions league, we have made a decent start to the league but it could be better. Formation Question. What do I want to achieve? I want to have a team that is very solid without the ball, frustrating opposition by letting them take long shots. I want to create a medium block, so when we win the ball we have a quick transition, set up a counter attack and exploit space. After my first 2-3 games of the season, I noticed that my left hand side of the defence (at the time, davide santon) positioning was not great and through balls were going inbetween miranda and the LB, allowing a shot on goal or a cross. So watching/reading @Rashidi club dna videos, I signed my current LB Clement Lenglet. His attributes are as follows: Heading 15, Marking 14, Tackling 14, Anticipation 15, Bravery 14, Concentration 14, Determination 15, Positioning 14, Work Rate 15, Strength 15, Jumping Reach 14. Overall I thought a solid defender when I scouted him, the scout did not think he was the best LB at the club, but his attributes defensively suggested otherwise. Since arriving, he has played 11 Serie A games, keeping 10 clean sheets! Mentality: Counter Shape: Structured Results A lot of clean sheets, which is lovely to see including a 1-0 away win at Juventus and only 1 loss so far this season. I have nailed down the defensive part of the game, it is now the roles further up the field I am struggling with. To begin with I had Icardi on AF in the 4141. He was so far away from everyone, esp when we was on a low risk mentality, we used to hoof the ball and he would run offside 9 times out of 10. So the last couple of games, I changed him to a DLF (S) so he is not as far away and can drop deeper to get involved with the midfield transition/build up play. We won 3-0 against Verona and Fiorentina. However against teams that want to park the bus, try and get a point I struggle the most against. I know the 4141 with a change of roles can become more attacking as it can transition into a 41221. My Starting 11 Handanovic GK Defend D'Ambrosio - WB Attack - I want this player to overlap the RWM, almost reflecting how Maicon used to play. Very Attacking and getting lots of Assists, 1 assist in 13 games. Miranda/Skriniar - CD Defend - Easy Task in hindsight, just defend. Head balls away, nothing fancy. Lenglet - FB Support - Fewer Risky Passes, solid defensively. Gagliardini - Anchor Defend - A screen infront of the back 4, shuffling from side to side to protect the defence. Perisic - Winger Attack - Does not have the best traits for this ideally, (Cuts Inside from both wings) I want him to create width, but also getting assists and scoring goals attacking the back post which he has done thus far. 12 games, 5 goals 3 assists. Brozovic - Mezzala Support - Runs into the half spaces between the opposition RB/CB. Requires good off the ball as well as other attributes. Vecino - BWM Support - Hassle in the middle of the park, trying to create that medium block. Candreva - WM Support - sit narrower, close down more, cut inside with the ball. creating the space for my RWB to attack. Icardi - DLF Support - bring others into play, but also contributing to more goals. 3 goals, 3 assists. Lots of needless shots off target, so something is missing in regards to lack of support. I changed Icardi to DLF Attack, after about 30 minutes of this game, because I felt the oppposition defence was having an easy ride as they were marking no-one. Also going a higher risk mentality, but unfortunately did not have the cutting edge. Sorry for the long winded post, if anyone has any comments regarding roles that may be better for my team then that would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to be spoonfed because otherwise I dont learn, but I am struggling to create more chances having nailed down the defensive part of the game. Thanks!
  14. Hello guys, I have started a save with Real Sociedad, I play a 442 formation and everything is going really really well. As you can see 4th place for a team predicted mid-table. Very poor finances bringing in no players, only conceding 12 goals and 3rd best scorers in the league. However there are some improvements! The Formation Mentality = Standard Shape= Structured/Flexible Team Instructions = None. PI's WB (A) = Stay Wider WM (S) - Sit Narrower, Cut Inside With Ball BBM (S) - Shoot Less Often. WM (A) - Stay Wider, Dribble More. DLF - Standard PI's that come with the DLF but added "Move Into Channels" IDEA IN MIND Very Simple, WB (A) Overlaps, DLF drops into space also giving an option to the WB (A). Then if he looks to his left, the Box To Box Midfielder runs into the space to also give him an option. But For 90% of the Games, my Advanced Forward was a Poacher and I just want him to concentrate on scoring goals. DLP (D) recycles possession without leaving his position to close down more. CARLOS VELA Stats Show he has been amazing and he has but sometimes I do get very frustrated. WHY? In this screenshot above he is actually even though ever so slightly, our furthest man forward!! This is in our 2-0 victory of Eibar, There is so much space between RICO & the Eibar Defence. I was hoping Vela would drop 5 yards deeper into space and at times when we do not have possession the two strikers are isolated up top because of this. i have tried dropping Vela into the AM Strata when he is not dropping deep enough to provide a better link up. Then I notice he drops too deep, so I make the role more aggressive going from a support duty to attack duty. Is this me being too picky because of how well he is doing, especially the amount of assists but when out of possession, there really isnt a link up at times because of how high they are? Any Help or Suggestions will be appreciated, thanks for reading!
  15. WHUBen

    Do I Buy Simone Zaza?

    Unfortunately he wanted 80k a week, zaza wanted 120k. I have opted to bring in dembele ST from celtic. however he has not started well!