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  1. Does anyone know if you can scout by like % of headers won/% of successful passes? I actually signed my goalkeeper based off analytical data and he has so far been a very good signing, but he was sort of given to me rather than me scouting if that makes sense? Because I would like to know what centre backs are winning the majority of there headers % wise and successful passes % wise
  2. Does this depend on what team you are? Or is this the same with every save, no matter the team? I have not either, I am starting too because I know mentality essentially means risk in and out of possession. Is this across all saves you do, even if you are a less quality of team? Ahhhh the guy who actually taught me what mentality actually is! A risk indicator.
  3. There is a lot of discussion regarding Team Mentality, so I thought I would ask What is your favourite Team Mentality and Why? Mine is Balanced because the more risky Team Mentality I use (Positive, Attacking, Very Attacking) the more risky passes my players tend to make, so I keep it balanced and apply player instructions/player role that has risky passes.
  4. Thank you for the feedback mate, what tabs in the analysis tool do you use? in regards to how certain roles perform etc etc Or do you watch the game in full to see how the roles play out?
  5. Okay cool, what tools do you within in the analysis tab to help you understand what roles are doing what combining with other roles etc? My bad, I basically said is the DLF (A) more suitable for possession orientated systems? But this particular formation he needed to be a runner role (AF/PF) like you suggested.
  6. The idea behind the long kicks was pretty much a possible quick transition from goal kicks. Launch it to mitrovic then we could win the 2nd ball. I felt more comfortable doing that then going short, however the passing length was left at balanced was because in certain situations where we could keep the ball a bit better or there was an opportunity for a long pass over the top, we would not restrict ourselves from doing one or the other if that makes sense? With the LB options, I had a fullback who ways gets forward whenever possible & a more conservative one which was pieters. Burnley being a team near the bottom, I felt that whole side could be exposed despite the CM (D) if I was to play an WM A and a more aggressive role. Maybe I should trust my CM D more? Regarding Mitrovic and selecting him as a DLF. His pace is not his strongest asset and again I wanted to utilise his passing and vision/hold up play traits to get involved with play, as well as get into the box. Am I right now in saying, that I should of selected DLF (A) If I was trying to control the game a bit more possession wise and that he should of been more of a runner? like an AF/PF? Thanks for the feedback btw
  7. hello guys, hope you are well. I am struggling massively on this game right now and I just cant get my head round it, I need to learn. So I am hoping people can help me please So firstly, I went Burnley after @Zemahh thread. I understand the expectations regarding Burnley as a football club, so I am not trying to achieve champions league first season. This is the formation I have been using, I am quickly going to give my thought process and why I selected these roles/team instructions. Central Defenders - I could of selected NCD like @Zemahh but I did not want to give possession up that easily. So I just selected a good bog standard CD. Full Backs - I wanted to keep my full backs on balanced, thinking about defending first rather than attacking. Especially as I have a attacking player in McNeil on the left hand side. CM D - With an attacking player to the left of him and Westwoods traits (comes deep to get ball, tries killer balls often) very good tackling, positioning, anticipation I felt he could link well with a forward thinking player to the side of him. CM S - After thinking about where my goals are going to come from (crosses from left hand side) I needed another alternative to score goals and I felt that I could get someone from the midfield strata to pop up with some goals. I decided to go with brownhill because he has a trait (gets into opposition area) I also did use the instruction, gets further forward. WM S - This is a player who has traits like cuts inside with ball etc, because of having an support CM who likes to get into the box. I felt maybe having another wide player being attack minded could be overkill for that side of the pitch, I was not really sure with this role. So I tried to go with what I felt maybe was safe? AM S - After originally trying to use a F9 in a 442 to come deep to get the ball, I changed the player to a AM S. Starting positioning is lower, I have been using hendrick for this role because of his traits (arrives late into area and comes deep to get ball) I do have in my mind that I now have 2 players wanting to come deep to get the ball (CM D & AM S) DLF A - Now this is probably the role I am struggling with the most, I prefer to play one striker formations despite originally trying a 442 here. We had Woods who was a good target man, but not the greatest with the ball at his feet & we had barnes who likes to pressure defenders, likes to get stuck in with the occasional red card, so I bought Mitrovic. He has traits such as (likes to play back to goal) so I thought, Mitrovic could receive the ball, he is very good technically also btw, pass the ball off and then surge into the box for a cross from McNeil or a through ball from AM S or CM s who are joining the play/transition. Team Instructions I am going to explain my reasoning behind this. In possession - I flirted with early crosses but with Mitrovic dropping deep and not the best anticipation for that early cross, I decided against that. I did not select shorter passing length or more direct because I wanted to be a mixed really, go long when the time is right or there is an opening/shorten the passing when possible, I did not want to restrict my team. In Transition - Long Kicks was on to try and utilise Mitrovic heading and physical strengths, knock the ball down etc. Counter for quicker transitions when we win the ball, there were occasions I had counter not selected, it was very dependant on the team I was facing. Out of Possession - LOE, The reason I went for this was because the weakness of my team is between the defenders and the midfielders. Where an opposition AMC can pick that ball up, turn and run at my defence. I looked at my defenders, we are not the quickest bunch in the world defensively, so I decided to bring the LOE down so the Midfield strata is closer to the Defenders strata. Questions What tools within the game like the analysis, do you use to try and see what the roles are doing on the pitch? I struggle to know when to change the role because the role is not doing what it should etc etc I tried to keep it as simple as I can, I see loads of tactics with 100s of TIs, Is there any clear tactical overkill that I am just missing? Is my team just too predictable? I have McNeil putting in crosses, I have Mitrovic linking up play as well as trying to be in the box. Should I leave the AMC to do the linking and Mitrovic to concentrate on scoring goals? I tried to get my CM S involved to stop being so one dimensional but maybe with no defensive cover behind him like a CDM, could be too much for the CM D? Any advice or constructive criticism is welcomed! I appreciate it if you have took the time to read and give me a reply thank you!
  8. okay, so its obvious I got it completely wrong. I am presuming the lack of penetration/attack duties to attack space the teams are remaining? Regarding roles not duties, how can I improve on this/know what to identify? Regarding the two central players Mezzala Attack & CM (s), I wanted to go with Mezzala Attack and BBM (s) but didn't want two midfielders with roam. Also thank you for taking the time to reply, appreciate it
  9. Hello guys, hope you are good, staying safe and inside! Would like some tactical advice if possible please guys, I got sacked from Aston Villa first season but before I start a new save, I would like to try and understand what was wrong with the basics of my tactic. I have attached the formation below, basically from looking at the squad and the reputation Villa will have being a new promoted team, I thought a counter attacking style of play with quick transitions would be my best bet. I went with the 532, with support wing backs. I signed Augustinsson LWB to be first choice, however he is not in this screenshot as well as Guilbert being my starting RWB but when I took this SC I think I was about to play a cup game. Regard the defenders, konsa was probably only the weaklink regarding heading and jumping reach, engles and mings are pretty strong in that area (15s). Midfielders, lansbury was in rotation with hourihane & mcginn because of the laters traits like comes deep to get ball, maybe I could of tried mcginn at DLP. I thought we lacked penetration through the middle and combined with team mentality being cautious, that is why I decided to go with Grealish on a Mezzala Attack role. Wesley on Target Man Support and Kodja on Advanced Forward, running into channels and spaces that opposition fullbacks/wing backs leave. Team Mentality Cautious/Balanced depending on the opposition, more than not it was Cautious. Team Instructions We kept it pretty simple at all times and try to adjust based on what I saw in game but clearly I was misreading game situations. So when we played cautious mentality, I did not touch defensive line etc because the mentality brings it down already. When we played balanced mentality, I did alter the defensive line slightly lower due to trying to get that counter attack feel. More Direct Passing, Slightly Higher Tempo, Counter, Defend Narrower (encourage people to cross the ball in and we used our tall defenders to clear our lines) Lower Defensive Line (dependant on starting mentality) Lower Line of Engagement (Mid Block) try and win the ball in the middle of the pitch rather than high up the pitch (dependant on starting mentality) Any suggestions why this could of possibly failed, thanks a lot guys!
  10. Firstly I love playing this game, of course when it goes well for you. Quick Overview - Promoted with Villa in the first season to the Premiership. Struggling with tactics. So I have mainly experimented with a 442/41221/4141. But no matter how much reading I do on addictedfm or watch bustthenets youtube channel, I just can not get my head around the route cause of the problem and how roles combine with each other etc etc. So I am going to be posting some screenshots of my formations and player roles etc. 442 So I started using the 442 when I was sick of trying to find a solution to the 4141 and other formations. You can see some of the signings I have made, Maupay/Bowen/Diame (free transfer), Nunez & Cahill. DLF drops deep, Bowen goes vacates the space he leaves. Kodja moves into channels and on the last line of defence. Full backs supporting the wing, one DLP holding the right hand side and Left hand side supporting the AF. 4141 Some of my players are injured, so trying to put them in so you guys can see what my line up is. I got promoted using the 4141, lowest goals conceded in the league but one of the lowest goal scoring teams. In the championship I played Kodga as AF in the lone striker role. Wanted the striker to be involved more in transitions/link up of the midfield so I signed Maupay. Key Players Sorry for the watermarks btw, I have the free plan. However this is my DLF on support. Bowen (Inverted Winger) Grealish (Mezzala/Winger/Inverted Winger) Nunez (Central Defender) Cahill (CD/NCD) Bitton (DLP/Anchor Man) So I have posted my two formations/roles and some of my key players at the moment. If there is anything I have missed, please mention it and I will try & get a sc of it. Really am struggling at the moment & I do not want to start a new save and hope that I stumble along a tactic. I need to learn. Thanks for reading guys.
  11. 1st Season Finished After a couple of injuries to a couple of our best players, perisic, skriniar, icardi we unfortunately failed to win the Italian Cup after a 2-1 extra time defeat to Lazio. The goal that I conceded to lose, (Cancelo) poor positioning allowed a 35 yard cross to go back stick and a tap in. However, we manage to qualify for next seasons champions league which is huge because Icardi would only stay if we qualified! We finished 3rd 6 points behind Torino, 1 point behind 2nd. Positives Handanovic 24 clean sheets for the season. 21 goals conceded all season. 4th highest scorers in the league with 61 goals, torino finished 1st with 70. After a very slow start, Icardi finished top scorer for us with 21 league goals. Andrea Pinamonti 19 years of age, played 21 games coming on for Icardi mainly. A very good prospect and cant wait for what next season holds for him! Negatives Lack of depth in the squad was the main reason, we fell short this season. Need to bring in 4-5 first team players if given the funds! A couple of mistakes with me regarding aggressive roles when in game, something I will learn from! Thank you to all of you guys, who contributed. I feel like I have a much better understanding before I started this thread.
  12. Yep same with me, IRL I am a defensive midfielder so I like to keep it tight! I just hope they give me some funds for next season! Inter Milan hopefully back in the Champions League after a couple of years absence!
  13. Qualify for the champions league, touching wood unless an absolute bottle job happens then the expectation should be met! Current League Table ^^ Recent form below, into the Italian Cup Final vs Lazio! Handanovic Hits 20 clean sheets so far this season! Yeah during the season, I am just shortlisting players who I would like to bring in to improve the starting 11 & general squad depth. I know I need another CB because Miranda is 33 years old currently, a LW who runs down the line and not inside, then I am able to put Perisic on the other side, 1 ball winning midfield, another attacking minded player with traits like run from deep, gets into oppositions area. Brozovic currently has arrives into opposition area!
  14. Update After playing around with the 4141, I have made a couple of adjustments which has seen an upturn of results against the lesser teams. The first adjustment was that we took away the Mezzala Role because of Perisic being on the same wing and his traits, they were running in the same space. We replaced the Mezzala role with CM (A). This normally being Valero is starting to chip in with a lot of key passes & goal contributions from the middle which is very good! So the midfield looks like this currently. Winger (A) BWM (S) CM (A) WM (S) A (D) Depending on the opposition, I may change the BWM to a DLP (S) with more risky passes TI. We then would switch Valero to the DLP (S) as he has best vision/passing in the team, Brozovic goes into CM (A). League Standings, we are currently 4th. 9 points ahead of Napoli in 5th with 23 games played, however we are 4 points off the top, 3 points off 2nd and 1 point off 3rd. So the top 4, anyone could win it!
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