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  1. Hello guys, hope you are well. I am in the first season with Roma, predicted 6th and we are currently 2nd 17 games in as I type this thread out. (League Table Image Attached) However, I read a lot of threads regarding balance of roles and want to put my formations up for critique to see if you guys have any areas of improvement. 442 Forget about personnel, just a heavily rotated side in which I used the 433. Looking at the roles and how I read it. Overlap from the LB as the IW (A) runs into the space in which the DLF leaves by dropping deep. CM (D) needs to be
  2. Hello guys, I support West Ham and I have a West Ham YT Channel. For a video, I want to create a custom database of where the league is right now and simulating the fixtures to see if West Ham finish in the top 4 or drop to europa league places. Will this be possible with the FM editior? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know if you can scout by like % of headers won/% of successful passes? I actually signed my goalkeeper based off analytical data and he has so far been a very good signing, but he was sort of given to me rather than me scouting if that makes sense? Because I would like to know what centre backs are winning the majority of there headers % wise and successful passes % wise
  4. Does this depend on what team you are? Or is this the same with every save, no matter the team? I have not either, I am starting too because I know mentality essentially means risk in and out of possession. Is this across all saves you do, even if you are a less quality of team? Ahhhh the guy who actually taught me what mentality actually is! A risk indicator.
  5. There is a lot of discussion regarding Team Mentality, so I thought I would ask What is your favourite Team Mentality and Why? Mine is Balanced because the more risky Team Mentality I use (Positive, Attacking, Very Attacking) the more risky passes my players tend to make, so I keep it balanced and apply player instructions/player role that has risky passes.
  6. Thank you for the feedback mate, what tabs in the analysis tool do you use? in regards to how certain roles perform etc etc Or do you watch the game in full to see how the roles play out?
  7. Okay cool, what tools do you within in the analysis tab to help you understand what roles are doing what combining with other roles etc? My bad, I basically said is the DLF (A) more suitable for possession orientated systems? But this particular formation he needed to be a runner role (AF/PF) like you suggested.
  8. The idea behind the long kicks was pretty much a possible quick transition from goal kicks. Launch it to mitrovic then we could win the 2nd ball. I felt more comfortable doing that then going short, however the passing length was left at balanced was because in certain situations where we could keep the ball a bit better or there was an opportunity for a long pass over the top, we would not restrict ourselves from doing one or the other if that makes sense? With the LB options, I had a fullback who ways gets forward whenever possible & a more conservative one which was pieters. Burnle
  9. hello guys, hope you are well. I am struggling massively on this game right now and I just cant get my head round it, I need to learn. So I am hoping people can help me please So firstly, I went Burnley after @Zemahh thread. I understand the expectations regarding Burnley as a football club, so I am not trying to achieve champions league first season. This is the formation I have been using, I am quickly going to give my thought process and why I selected these roles/team instructions. Central Defenders - I could of selected NCD like @Zemahh but I di
  10. okay, so its obvious I got it completely wrong. I am presuming the lack of penetration/attack duties to attack space the teams are remaining? Regarding roles not duties, how can I improve on this/know what to identify? Regarding the two central players Mezzala Attack & CM (s), I wanted to go with Mezzala Attack and BBM (s) but didn't want two midfielders with roam. Also thank you for taking the time to reply, appreciate it
  11. Hello guys, hope you are good, staying safe and inside! Would like some tactical advice if possible please guys, I got sacked from Aston Villa first season but before I start a new save, I would like to try and understand what was wrong with the basics of my tactic. I have attached the formation below, basically from looking at the squad and the reputation Villa will have being a new promoted team, I thought a counter attacking style of play with quick transitions would be my best bet. I went with the 532, with support wing backs. I signed Augustinsson LWB to be first choice, however he i
  12. Firstly I love playing this game, of course when it goes well for you. Quick Overview - Promoted with Villa in the first season to the Premiership. Struggling with tactics. So I have mainly experimented with a 442/41221/4141. But no matter how much reading I do on addictedfm or watch bustthenets youtube channel, I just can not get my head around the route cause of the problem and how roles combine with each other etc etc. So I am going to be posting some screenshots of my formations and player roles etc. 442 So I started using the 442 when I was sick of trying to find
  13. Thank you for replying. I have a couple of examples i want to show you, so if when i start a new save i know what i am looking at. These link's below is of the comparison page of Charlton FC 1st Season, patch 13.3 All positions: http://gyazo.com/af508b0aef7e0db9a1e873e8d738dec7 Midfield: http://gyazo.com/6ad6e2929a2fb3dc4b7396a645279db5 Attack: http://gyazo.com/612a26f4698e6face420c89dc146abb3 In midfield they are lacking in some important area's such as creativity. If you or someone is knowlodgable would have a quick look for me at those links then come up with a style of play based
  14. When looking at the comparison page to see what kind of style/tactic you will use. For example arsenal are the best team in the league at passing, would you do direct passing or short passing?
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