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  1. i have just taken the Bayern job in my current save - never managed in the league before. it's my 2nd job coming from Rangers - couldn't get a job in the EPL with the top teams so took this 3 seasons in. when i came in at the end of the season i had £25m in the transfer kitty a few weeks later i was given £450m!!! good start - i had better deliver
  2. 99% of the time i play with the 3421 as i still like to have a striker and thats where kane plays getting 23 and 29 goals out of him
  3. in just the premier league im getting 103 and the season before 106 - 53 so far this season up to Dec 4th. so not as high as this - getting good results but nothing as daft as above this season
  4. this is my 4th season with United - 99% of the results below are using the 3421 - i cant bring myself to use strikerless as standard unless injury requires it. I much prefer the counter attacking 3421
  5. been using these two tactics for some time now and getting great results in my save with Rangers then moving south taking the Southampton job (winning the league) then moving on to Man U. in my 4th year with Man U this happened. At this point city were top unbeaten - not any more. never had a match like it in all my years playing this game
  6. Certainly cant claim any praise for the tactic - i got it from the tactics download forum thanks to knap. there are two in the thread below. i was using the 3421 but decided for the city game as a one off to switch to the 3430 (it is fluid and one of my 3 tactics) as Kane was in a slump. never experienced anything like it. Remember city were top at this point unbeaten!
  7. An interesting result for us - City were top by 3 points before this, unbeaten, so it was a bit of a surprise. This is my biggest ever win in FM over a single leg.
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