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  1. No fixes for Mac performance, at this point I don’t think SI are listening to the people on the Mac/Linux forum
  2. The UI and 3d is even laggier than the beta. For a mostly 2d game it's a joke, I wish I could return my copy but I'm not able to.
  3. Glad to see retina back on Mac, but the game is about 10x slower than the previous patch now, almost unusable.
  4. It seems like it was locked because a mod decided the discussion was over? I don't know what rules were broken. Also, I don't see many other posts being locked because their discussion was over. Is there any better explanation?
  5. What about this tweet? If the beta is around the 24th and the promotion ends on the 14th. Seems a bit tight ?
  6. The match engine seems to take 2 steps forward, 3 steps back and then another step forward in patches, I don't feel like it's any different than it's ever been. I'm not sure what you mean about the training system. It seems to change UI every 2/3 years but it's pretty much been the same basic system for a while. Manager attributes are ok I guess but not exactly worth writing home about. I'd like to see big steps forward. Some of the stuff from OOTP would be great, the rules and philosophy of the game changing over time (think league rep on steroids, different tactical fads coming and going, etc). The ability to create fantasy worlds like OOTP as well would be great. I'd also like to see big improvements on core areas of the game. AI squad building is pretty bad to be honest, player ratings could do with a big improvement, etc.
  7. No. The game has stagnated in the past few years and doesn't seem to have improved very much at all. I won't be putting any money down until the new features are announced, and even then only if they're worth upgrading for.
  8. Does anyone know if the profile fix is a cure or a vaccine? (couldn't think of a better way to explain what I wanted to say..) Do I need to make a new game?
  9. One thing that would be really nice is a new option when you start the game that's like "Disable in game editor except for rivalries, kits, etc". That would put some variation into long saves without giving full editor access and the temptation that comes with it..
  10. One thing on the UI that I miss from FM2014 is the laptop battery icons. Useful for knowing how much battery you had left.
  11. I think it's to do with manager profiles. I set one up with pro licence to test it out when I first downloaded beta and that's what the bug has given me, others have reported the same.
  12. Starting a game as Dulwich Hamlet after getting bored reloading for Wingate.. Played a few games so far sitting mid table so that's good . Profile Experience Interesting to see that others playing Dulwich have completely different teams bar a few players.
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