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  1. chri5

    New European Comps problem

    hey could you post your file? im looking to do a similar thing but dont know where to start!
  2. Hi guys, i want to edit the existing champions league and europa league formats, basically what i want to do is only have 2 teams qualify from each league instead of 4 (or 1 for lower ranked leagues) and then i want there to be up to 6 teams from each league in the europa league (4 auto and 2 go into the qualifying round). im just wondering if anyone has posted a similar idea that i could download and edit? or if somene could explain how i could do it myself in the editor? thanks
  3. cant download the first version!!
  4. Why do big teams in the game not take the FA cup or League cup seriously? just seen man city beaten by watford 0-7 and arsenal 0-6 at home against ipswich and they both had a load of under 18 players playing and only had 1 player on the bench it really does my head in and is totally unrealistic especially in the FA cup anyone know a way to fix it?
  5. when i click on a player (even one of my own players) and i go on attributes, nothing is showing up under preffered foot or estimated vaule :s Is this normal or what??
  6. :@ just gone to install fm, and to my anger and disapiontment you have to install steam!! so anyway it gets to a certain point in the installation and i keep getting this error message: Steam.exe (main exeption): ERROR: delete of Steam.exe failed, Win32 Error 5 "Access is denied" Someone please help, its really doing my head in!