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  1. I am in my third season playing in the EIHL, I won the League & playoffs and have not been included in the Champions Hockey League. 13 out 14 teams in the SHL are playing in the Champions Hockey League group stage!
  2. They were given match penalties, I noticed it when scouting a player in the EPL. I checked the game and both players in the fight were serving suspensions for fighting.
  3. Just noticed two players have been suspended for fighting, this is not a rule in the English Premier League.
  4. Also players struggle to get back on the bench after a goal, I have seen it taking 5-6 seconds when they are all around the bench for the game to continue.
  5. Agree with this, signed a 39 year old forward and he has retired a few weeks before the start of the season, despite signing a contract extension two months before.
  6. I know of quite a few people holding out buying this until the British leagues are added. Fingers crossed it's in the next update.
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