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  1. Great thread! I'm following/imitating this with Arsenal currently. One thing I have done that helps to imitate the Henry role is having Sanchez mark the DR. I have seen more direct out balls to him out there, and then he cuts in from the sideline like Henry used to. Granted I would not use this against any side who pushes their DR up the field as he would be too deep when re-gaining possession, but vs weaker teams it works really well.
  2. I have used this formation to turn Twente into a Euro powerhouse. I have had the best success defensively by using all three as DC ©, using quick players out wide and somebody tall in the middle to take care of GK long kicks and headers from wingers. It helps to avoid the DC's stepping up and leaving gaps (center DC will still take care of long balls), and you just have to deal with long shots and crosses, which the 3 DC's should handle most of the time. It also helps defensively to mark the FB's with that sides strikers so your wingback doesn't get doubled all game, with the added benefit of them making great diagonal runs to get back into the ST spots when you gain possession.
  3. I have had great success with a setup very familiar to most peoples here, but one thing I do every game is set the forwards to mark (not tight) the FB's, ala Chile in the world cup. I have also noticed when the opposition is trying to play out from the back, Man U seem to use the forwards to harass the FB's while the AMC presses thru the center. When we regain possession they also make great diagonal runs to get back to their original positions. I'v also been searching for the right CM combo, right now I have a CM (D) and CM (S) setup, my CC's have gone up since I made this change, and my defense is about the same. I prefer my back-line to all be DC © as I find the only time I get caught out is when the DC's decide to close down too aggressively.
  4. I was inspired to try the 3-4-3 with my Twenty side after reading this thread, and I had a good 3-1 game with Sparta. The only goal I gave up was when my defender gave the ball away in front of my goal, so it was a pretty dominating win. My setup was like yours, but I played balanced counter, with the dline pushed up. The only problem so far is that the few times the ball gets behind the DWingers, as they have a huge amount of space and verse better opposition I can see them really punishing me with all that space. Maybe putting the outside DC's as stoppers might make closing them down a bigger priority, but that is still a lot of space to close down. I'm trying to transition my Twenty team to a more attractive, higher scoring style as I won everything possible including CL the second year playing a flat rigid 5-4-1 and it was getting boring winning 1-0 or 2-0.
  5. No, I press really heavy with the ST and the first bank of 4 to try to nick the ball and then get it to the wings to pump the ball in the middle. If my press fails, I still have the 3 DC's back at all times, and I have them pretty aggressive to because if one misses a tackle or is out of position, the other 2 usually drop back and cover the area he left from. In my second season I won a quad including the champions league, beating R.Madrid and ManU on the way to the cup. Trying to transition the team to a more exciting, high scoring, game dominating style so I have used it sparingly in the 3rd season, but winning the Champions League with a very below average team in season 2 shows me it can be successful.
  6. I have been using a flat 5-4-1 and won a double with Twente 1st season with basically the stock team. Balanced-Attack with more pressing and counter ticked. -------------GK FB-Au DC-D DC-D DC-D FB-Au W-A****CM-S B2B**** W-A -------------AF It presses high up the field and has a great press coverage area, if they break the press, I still have 5 back. Once I get the ball back, everybody on the team but the back three makes a mad dash for goal. With a few seasons of getting high quality players in, I hope to be able to challenge for the champions cup.
  7. As much as I would love to stick up for Wenger, it just gets harder and harder everyday. I think the tactics of the game have passed him by. Our 4-2-3-1 has looked dreadful all year, yet when we keep getting killed game after game, he just keeps with the same exact plan. Why does he think we will start to magically start winning? Also the decision to buy two big strikers, and refuse to provide them service is confusing. Why didn't he just start buying mobile false 9 types if he was going to keep with the wingers cutting inside and never crossing strategy? Trying not to be one of the neg. fans, but I don't know what people think we change. Different players are not going to right the ship! I could see if we are losing mostly to the big three, but we have been losing to far less talented teams. I can't believe he won't atleast try going to something different for just one game...3-5-2, or a 4-4-2. Would love to see Theo up top with one of our battering rams that we seem to have bought for no reason...
  8. I have tried a 3-5-2 with a SW like that quite a bit and I had trouble with strikers getting behind the side CB's because the SW would be a little bit behind playing them onside. I also was usually playing deeper so my SW didn't have time to catch up to the now onside strikers. Do you find yourself having the same problem? Whats your setup with the back five?
  9. Good to see your having luck with a sweeper. Would love to see a screeny of the formation. I am tempted to take my 5-3-2 (WB's) that I have got working with Tottenham and try a Udinese save again after failing the last 4 or so attempts. Would love to figure out a counter tactic like yours as I love the speed Udinese and Napoli go from defense to attack. Only thing that makes me sad is that de natale is aging and hard to fit in a counter attacking formation after the first season once his acceleration gets below 13 or so. Hopefully I can get Medina up to snuff by then but he never seems to take tutoring from di natale well, and always cancels early and then I have to deal with him and de natale being upset at each other. Hopefully you will keep posting as I would love to see the Udinese thread gain a little steam as they have an interesting style both on the field and off.
  10. Are you going to try to play with the real life formation? I failed when i tried but would love to see someone crack it!
  11. Mind posting a screen shot of your 3-2-4-1? Im a big fan of odd formations!
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the backs also. Tried a bunch of ways to get them spread out in possession...only thing that worked for me what using all sw with the side ones having hugs tl ticked...they didn't defend right this way plus they didn't spread when the gk had the ball so he had to boot it up field most of the time.
  13. Going to give this a run as Napoli happens to be my favorite team as well, and like you I have failed to create the real life formation time and time again.
  14. Been wanting to try a 3-4-3...mind showing a screenshot of the formation with team instructions? Thanks, love 3@the back formations!
  15. So far in the matches I have seen they have used man marking with an exception of the spare center back who plays like a sweeper.