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  1. This - zele? Anyone? Read somewhere it was only possible during the beta, but I don't think the beta is playable anymore? Would be handy to see how certain managers setup in certain situations, especially for the people lacking tactical knowledge + recreating setups of popular managers in FM
  2. Oh. My. You, Sir, deserve a medal! My addiction may start again
  3. Guys, google for "Steam Workshop Downloader"... Paste the link of the tactic in the workshop and you can download the .fmf file
  4. Yeah, have to pull back here... Workshop did reload, but tactic is still not showing up. Guess it's bugged
  5. The Workshop somehow doesn't seem to like skins at all. I subscribed/unsubscribed from several topics without any reaction, like it was stuck. Switched the skin to the standard FM15 skin helped and the workshop started to process and reloaded
  6. It's already here -
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for this great (for me the best of all I've tried) tactic and leave some prove: Don't think I would have a superious squad of regens because of the date, I took them over last season securing them from relegation (they were lying 18th) and this season we are predicted to finish about 8th so I'm very happy with that. Keep it up, Cheers
  8. Hm. Truth is I haven't a clue if it works and I couldn't do any screenshots. Well it says never post any tactical discussion in the official boards I better had respected that Peace to FM-Base!
  9. And this is the reason I cannot start a tactical discussion about it?
  10. Yeah please move that, should be a tactical discussion.
  11. The German way of 4-6-0 Let's start without the attackers Hello, I've studied some of your work in the tactics section and thought I'd try to publish some work of myself. After trying, well let's say every sort of a tactic on a downloadable base, I've finally came to declusion it's always best to keep it KISS (keep it simple & stupid). So many of the wishes on these boards, is generating a tactic on a winning formula that does not employ a striker. I completely started from scratch and I did some bad work in the shadow of myself I think. I did however upload that .tac by now to see which is wrong and which is right. Thank you by now Greetings, AllInAll
  12. First off, I got nothing to do with the Milieu they have in France. *lol* So when I was approached by this club in a long-term challenge, I got very confused. I did let the tutorial choose me the team, being hungarian this only would be a very asthetical challenge. I don't have any clues about tactics, so I decided for these set of 3 tactical approaches - 1. 4-5-1 Sexy Footballv1 2. Dortmund 4-2-3-1 3. 4231FastFootball all from the tactics section. Team should be very talentful and very young, but if you choose to be a sunday league footballer you better got to choose the teams that fullfil these category of a head coach. The likes of Komi Salou, Hervé Batoménila, Houcine Afkir and Hugues Ayivi are without a doubt names for the future, France and other european countries should have an eye off. Could imagine some of them playing for the Arsenal youth soon. I didn't go very far into the season, so I will stay prepared for any comments and feedback I'll receive. My record so far is - P10 W6 D2 L2 It's an extremeful unexpected squad, so I definately got to take my hands on them, with them needing very special man management. However it definately will become a long story, like SI did promise on the challenge screen.