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  1. @knap 442 - FM20WULF442PFPWMKnapP110ECCCFM20P102ECCC.fmf seems to have missing player instructions for MCL and STCL
  2. Are my fullbacks just being crap or has anyone else noticed a massive drop at their match ratings since the latest patch?
  3. Impressive indeed, especially defensively. Will this be in public?
  4. *****solved***** I deleted the Football Manager 2017 folder in my documents folder. Seems something messed the game up there. Working fine now.
  5. Good morning, since 2 days now I get this screen on prompt to start FM: https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33770140/FootballManager2017_ApplicationMainMenu-2.png.html I can not get it solved, not through Steam's "Verify Game Files" nor through reinstalling the game. Did that twice since. Also reinstalled my graphics drivers card (GTX 770) twice, and once completely new installed them with the official advice (to only install the drivers only). That also did not work. Deleting the preferences and caches folders also hasn't been much of a help. Then I tried refreshing the DirectX. Also failed. What can I do? Football Manager 2016 works fine so not a problem with the game itself? Greetz
  6. Hey cgn grüß dich, have you tried to merge both of the files using the editor?
  7. Thanks for all the effort knap, every single of your tactics has its strengths. You're making these boards life these days, cheers!
  8. It's the FM Flut Skin Dark mate. Badge comes from Megapack I think, can't remember which I got since I just took over the ones from FM16. But it should be included in every logo megapack
  9. Are you going to write down some of the most important PPMs the players need for the systems?
  10. This is the furthest I get using Pikawa's Evo FM16 Skin. As you can see, Mentality and Team Shape is showing up, but staying blank. Must be a miracle what zele did before, shame nobody knows or nobody wants to tell how it can be done.
  11. I tried the skin sent by zele + his panels files but it's not showing up the shape and mentality thing for me like it did for him. I think it's somewhere in the match formations panel.xml - I tried some things, like removing the ID thingies like for the roles/duties, but either it let Mentality and Shape show up but staying empty, or the whole formation screen got messed up
  12. This - zele? Anyone? Read somewhere it was only possible during the beta, but I don't think the beta is playable anymore? Would be handy to see how certain managers setup in certain situations, especially for the people lacking tactical knowledge + recreating setups of popular managers in FM
  13. Oh. My. You, Sir, deserve a medal! My addiction may start again
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