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  1. thank you for your previous help, it worked now i have another question haha...how to make number of wins and losses white color aswell like draws? @bossland
  2. is there any way possible to remove this shadowed left part covering the player photos? so that i can have a clear view of player face... p.s. thank you so much for your amazing work! @bossland
  3. it works now... --user_data_location="path" this was the problem
  4. i am trying to do the following and it does not work ....can someone please help?? To do this follow the instructions below: – Go into Steam -> Library -> Games view. – Locate Football Manager 2020 and right-click on the game. – Select ‘Properties’ – Click ‘Set Launch Options…’ – Copy the following into the dialogue box: –user_data_location=”<path>” – In the <path> section, enter the exact path you wish the folder to be generated (ie D:\Users\ etc)
  5. i'm still using YACS in my FM16 save...the best skin ever produced.... and this one is looking to be great aswell!!!
  6. i've done everything in 1024x768 cuz i play FM always in windowed mode
  7. sadly that more then 90% of pictures are in much more worse quality then i already have :/
  8. already have about 6000 club stadium backgrounds...but i will try this one also and put the missing ones in my background folders...thank you i will visit this topic regurarly for new updates :)))
  9. it amazes me that nobody here or on steam isn't helping us... thank god that only game i play on PC is Football Manager...everything else i play on ps4,there are no such things like this...
  10. i don't know why is this happening and i'm still waiting for an answer... however,game work when i set my date on 14.6...but everytime i turned it back on 16.6. i can't start it...so every time i wanna play i have to set it on 14.6....really really strange...
  11. damn it..for me also works...wtf!? i am also from german speaking area...i've set it to 14.6. and it works @neil brock why is it like that? but when i set it to 14.6.2017. then my browsers don't work,can't open web pages....so i have to put it on 14.6. start the game and immidiately switch back to 16.6.2017. that is really really strange....
  12. my game is working online...only since yesterday evening it doesnt work offline anymore...(btw fm editor is working offline normaly ...only fm is not..) tried to put firewall off...still the same problem,disabled antivirus...still the same..
  13. also i think that it first time occured after small steam update... any help guys,please? (i was googling so i already tried to deactivate antivirus,also did verify integrity cache....) but what is strange is that even when im online,when i click on start game...every time it says ''completing installlation...and after one secone..preparing to launch....hmmm...before it wasnt like that)
  14. that message appears every time when i'm trying to play the game... first it says ..completing installation and then and then this.... the problem is that the game works fine when im online..but when im offline it doesnt work...and i play football manager only on business trip where i dont have internet...(to kill the time on my flight or train)
  15. hmm this is original file everywhere is # (and other name works) ...where should i remove it?
  16. im playing fm16 and i wanted to change my club name (after i have already started the game) Football Manager 2016\data\db\1630\lnc here i have found file ''City, Club and Stadium Names.inc'' and i have done this # Brazil #"CLUB_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 311964 "FC Alemao" "" #"CLUB_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 311964 "Alemao" "" reloaded skin,restarted the game..but nothing has changed...what did i do wrong?
  17. 1024x768 windowed mode...altough i have monitor 30''...but i dont like to play fm with full screen...
  18. so what u say its..its gonna work but without club logo and nationality? if there is no other way,then u can do that...
  19. can u post some picture previews?
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