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  1. but those pictures in steam folder are not crisp... i tries million times alt+f9...and nothing... why it won't work?
  2. i also wonder cuz i also have excel 2007 (but still didnt tried this)
  3. how many pics u have in there? and did they generate automaticly or you have to put the pictures to the players manually? i ask because i am really interested in this...but i never seen anyone tried it
  4. this looks great...what would make it even better is picture stadium beneath player pictures and jersey...
  5. i know it is possible cuz its from flut skin...but i asked bossland if he can maybe implement this in khis skin ..or tell us how to do it
  6. i gave neymar only as an example but this looks like a great idea! it have potential to be one of the best creations someone ever did for us can u post some example how your regens look like ?
  7. so this tool uses all photos that we have in our facepack megapack? so tehnically if i understood it good, my regen can have face picture from neymar?
  8. i think this was made for 1920x1080 so that's why
  9. what resolution is your screen?
  10. this looks sick!!! how to do this please???????
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