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  1. Problem solved reverifying the cache. There was 14 files not veryfied, redownloaded them and the game starts. Thank you very much!
  2. Since this afternoon update when i try to start Fm16 from my steam account it doesn't start. The first time i try the steam client frezees and then shut up with no error message, then if i try to start fm16 clicking on my desktop icon, the steam client restart and show up a popup error that says that the game is already started, but there is no fm window open and in the task manager there isn't any fm.exe process. What can i do to play the game?
  3. i can't download megapack because mediafire says that is a "private file" Edit: downloaded Thanks for your work!
  4. After the fail in Scotland, i'm restarting in Sweden. I'm the new manager of Lapland club Kiruna FF!
  5. Things were going well in Scotland until we had a lot of injuries and with a team of only 18 players we started to lose a lot of i have been sacked! I think i will restart in Sweden because in Scotland i can only retry with Formartine and i want to change team...
  6. Things are going very well, we made a good start and we are in first position after 5 games and we made a good challenge cup run. We have the advantge of be professional while the other teams are semi-pro. The attendances are similar to the other bottom reputation clubs of our League (an average of 380).
  7. Starting this challenge in Scotland, right now. I'm the new manager of highand club Formartine United. It will be tough to beat the Old Firm!
  8. Very nice! I will use it if you upload it!
  9. Yes it is, thanks mate. For scotty: The skin is my personal version of Special Two skin (i've found fm graphics manager forum).
  10. How i can change the colour of the text of the boxes (circled in pictures)? Thanks!
  11. Is there a way to enable background on this skin?
  12. Hi, i've a question for graphical expert. How i could remove the white box in player profile? Here is the example: There are some white boxes that covers the background, and i want make those boxes trasparent in order to view the full background! How can i do that? Thanks