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  1. Yes, I have now uploaded it as USA Olympic selection bug.fm. Thanks!
  2. My U23 team manager has selected most of my A team players and this means they are unavailable for our upcoming competitive games. This seems like a bug? Now I have like 13 players left for an important game.
  3. Suriname national team needs a lot of updating. IRL the following players have all declared for Suriname: Warner Hahn Ridgeciano Hops Sean Klaiber Diego Biseswar Sheraldo Becker Ryan Donk Kelvin Leerdam Mitchell Donald Florian Jozefzoon Shaquille Pinas Mitchell te Vrede Ramon Leeuwin Myenty Abena Also, a lot of Dutch players should have Suriname second nationality but don't currently have it. I don't have a full list but this would be worth going through systematically. I think Suriname changed their law around dual n
  4. Not sure how two clubs from the same nation could draw each other...
  5. I got this message from the board even though we are only 4 games into the season? And I have won all 4?
  6. Just want to bump this up. I have the same problem. Any solution?
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