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  1. This might be useful for adjusting the youth setup ratings: https://www.dbu.dk/nyheder/fc-koebenhavn-og-fc-nordsjaelland-topper-ny-licensrangering/
  2. Just want to bump this up. I have the same problem. Any solution?
  3. Not sure where this is best to post, but in the Danish Cup, there's a requirement to have three u21 players in the squad. But it seems like only players on the bench count toward this. So I have three u21 in the starting XI but the rule forces me to put them on the bench instead? Similarly, it doesn't count goalkeepers toward the requirement which is definitely a bug.
  4. Joachim Andersen should have FCK has his club before FCM. He played there for two years. This both means FCK will get some of the youth compensation if he gets sold, and he will count towards their number in the 'clubs with most players developed for...' in game.
  5. On the issue with Reserves and "II teams". I see your point Nørbæk, but as far as I can see no other country does it this way. Some of the practical problems with the current system: II are perceived as higher level than Reserve. So when I put talents in Reserve, my assistant manager recommends "promoting" them to II. Even though II have no matches, and therefore won't give any match experience! For FCK, they have KB and B1903 that are really their "II teams". But why not just put these as affiliates? IRL FCK have their SL team, Reserve league team, and U19 league team. By far the most straightforward way to emulate that is to get rid of the II team and just have 1st, reserve, and u19. Maybe some clubs are an exception to this rule, like the ones that have a team in DS. But it gets super confusing with 4 teams. Another problem is it requires a gigantic number of staff to maintain all four teams.
  6. Mohamed Daramy from FCK shouldn't need another 2200 days to gain Danish citizenship. He will be able to submit the paperwork as soon as he turns 18, so it should be more like 700 days remaining.
  7. Should a HoYD have full knowledge of the country you're playing in? I found an amazing one but he doesn't have any knowledge of my country. I'm worried this means he won't be able to pick up the best regens.
  8. It seems like the problem is with African regens specifically, though, because the South American ones are sufficiently expensive that it's not possible to sign them for less than usually £1m. The good African ones (Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, etc.) can sometimes be signed for free or for £5-50k, meaning I can just sign all of them.
  9. That's an interesting point. Maybe with a small database there simply would be no regens from e.g. Ivory Coast coming through. The only downside to this would be wildly unrealistic national team results - ultimately it would just be the top European teams taking all World Cups. (I would rather have this than me being able to assemble an insane regen team, though!)
  10. It's not a playable nation. All big teams have worldwide scouting range though, so they should be picking these players up immediately. An alternative solution would be to have a much larger number of regens come through from these countries making it harder to spot the best ones. The ones who don't get signed to Europe could then just retire at an early age or stay in the domestic league.
  11. I find it too easy to find and sign good regens from Africa. I play with a large database (50k+ players loaded) in Spain and every year only 5-10 regens emerge from each of the major African nations. I am a tiny team (2 star reputation) just promoted to La Liga, and even though I can scout the whole world, this isn’t even necessary to find these players, neither does attribute masking fix this. Take Ivory Coast, one of the top regen nations in Africa. I just go to their U-20 national team and can instantly see the regens - most of these will become La Liga quality because there are so few. They will sign for pennies even to my team, with the exception of perhaps one with an unusually high PA. What is worse, AI managers don’t even seem to be interested in these players. The entire setup would work fine if only AI managers of better teams than mine were much more aggressive in snapping these up as soon as they emerge. For instance, I just sold a regen I had signed a year earlier to Sevilla for £1m, even though he is one of the worse regens I have. Why wouldn’t Sevilla have signed him directly ahead of me from Ivory Coast? Their financial status, reputation, and scouting network is better than mine. I narrowly missed a future wonderkid from Egypt only because Man City finally submitted a bid - until then, I could have easily signed him. A solution to this would be that not only are attributes masked, but similar to how only known players show up in Player Search, it shouldn’t be possible for me to know about all the players even existing. As it is possible to gain worldwide scouting range for even small teams, this does not solve the issue. Alternatively, AI managers should instantly hoover up all new regens from around the world when they emerge. Not sure if I’ve explained this very well, but I would be interested in people’s thoughts.
  12. I haven't edited anything in the database, it's the original db. Here are some screenshots. I feel like this must be a problem with the game!
  13. I sold Alexander Isak with AIK to AC Milan in January 2017 for £46m upfront, 50% sell on clause, and a 2 season loan back. This strikes me as highly unrealistic. Any thoughts on this?
  14. Any suggestions for a team far down the leagues in a top 10 country? I want a save for 10+ seasons where I can go from rock bottom of the leagues to CL. Ideally a +20k stadium, high attendances, decent finances, a good team for immediate b2b promotions (i.e. a class striker at least or someone to sign on a free).
  15. Interesting suggestions, how about outside England?
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