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  1. Definatly hold off selling them. You will regret it if you don't When i was managing Man City i asked for my revenue to be increased and i got 105%
  2. Is that aimed at me? Thats why i said off topic
  3. How ignorant! Im not impressed
  4. Id rather stay at Arsenal than go Man Utd. More chance of silverware! Thats a joke Im an Arsenal fan
  5. i read on dafuge's profile. You are teacher right? a proper school teacher? Please tell me you mod whilst your meant to be teaching 5 year olds I would find that really funny
  6. where does that time come from? i dont think my mrs would think to much of me if i sat at my comp, reading what a load of strangers are writing/moaning about
  7. abit off topic but do mods do this in their own spare time then?
  8. you work for steam dont u. im on to you
  9. I dnt think u can manage them because there isnt enough players from that country on the game might b wrong there
  10. It might not make a difference. Im not sure on that but for me, owning a stadium feels better than renting Its more mental for me than anything else
  11. He didnt mention anything about playing with them at the same time
  12. That is a very interesting point. Id like to hear what people have got to say on this one