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  1. Some of my best ever business, sell a player for 8.5 mil, had him on loan ever since and for next season too
  2. It's very common lower down the pryamid and 100% should be in the game.
  3. Out of contract players or even transfers, there is no option to sign short-term deals which are common in real football, ie one months- three months etc. My squad has been hit by injury and I want to get some backups in but only very short-term my idea was to sign players on short-term deals which is commonplace
  4. Is there no way to sign players on short-term deals any more, ie one week or one month or three months, not sure why I'm unable to do that.
  5. I'm using this match as an example but I'm getting this every match, I've not even got shoot on sight on either, most games I should be winning 1/2-0 easily, my team just won't score, we've got the highest possesion in the league too, absolute dominating games for fun, with half decent players but none of them will score no matter if it's an easy chance or whatever, feel like I'm hitting my head against the wall, this is every game now Another one just for example Admittely there are some long-shots in this one but it's still bonkers,
  6. My strikers just won't score, they are very decent strikers for League One, constantly missing open goals, one on ones, easy chances, driving me nuts, we're having 20 shots a game, high XG, yet dick and dom up top can't score for toffee, don't know what to do, we're creating chances non-stop, domainating possesion
  7. Trying to send players on loan and no-one is bidding getting a bit annoying, I'm in League One offering out good young-ish players on no fee, low wages and nobody is taking them, League Two, conference sides would be jumping over fences to get them on loan in real life
  8. In club vision transfer activity is broken, top of the league, when expected to fight bravely against relegation, I signed an 18 year old striker on cheap wages Board rating a - pleased with the finances of the deal, nothing about the player himself performance wise Fans rating c - He has scored 15 goals in 21 games for christ sake This seems a theme with all my transfers when it comes to transfer activity, I've got the board not mention if they've been good or not, fans totaly mis-rating them,, when these players are playing well every week and top of the le
  9. Not a bug as such but needs looking at, my right back who is out of contract in the summer, I'm currently in Jan, I accepted 25k but the board blocked me selling him as they think we should get 120 minimum, bit ridiculous
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