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  1. FM12s bias towards pace did annoy me a bit - having Carlos Fierro bang in over 100 goals a season was fun, but got old real fast. I really do like where FM15 has ended up at, but I'm having trouble distinguishing between my own growth as a player and the sophistication of the ME. But I'm definitely enjoying the game more than ever before.
  2. Hey, I figure this goes in the training thread though it's in essence about maximizing a player's potential. But that's training, innit? Anyway, what I'm wondering about is whether or not it's a good idea to train conflicting PPMs on a player. I have this great newgen with superb physicals, mentals as well as technical ability. Due to his great work rate and stamina I want him to cover as much of the pitch as possible. He is playing as a striker, so I can teach him both the "Come deep to get ball" and the "Penalty box player" PPMs. Technically this is what I want from him - to constantly work up and down the pitch, helping moves start from deep and finishing them off in the box. I feel like I want his strengt, balance and finishing in the box, but I also want his passing ability, pace, dribbling and vision when running from deep. So logically the combination of those two PPMs should make him contribute to attacking play all the time. The question is - how would these two PPMs work in game? Would they just cancel each other out? Would he be torn between two options constantly? Or would he be able to use his great Decisions attribute to pick the better option of the two?
  3. Agreed! Has tactical knowledge, a sense of discipline and man management, plus a great defending coach.
  4. Simone Scuffet is an absolute monster on my save, 21 years old and already absolutely world class in the classical goalie areas. Only lacks in being one-footed and not having a good first touch, but seeing as how the FM match engine doesn't really care about keepers playing the ball anyway, he'll be a huge asset for ya.
  5. Frankly - you can't replicate Pep's game this season in FM. There's no "attacking centerback" role like Alaba played for a while, there sweeper keeper role is laughably conservative (seriously, is there even a difference between the SW/A and GK/D roles when it comes to movement?), there's no way to have you deep playmaker both rack up 180 passes per game AND attempt long raking diagonal passes at the same time, there's no way to instruct wingers to ACTUALLY pick up central positions (a wider problem with lack of positional fluidity, really)... you can't replicate any of this with the current match engine.
  6. I've felt this is a problem too. Yes, when there is a world class 15 year old talent at a club like Real Madrid, it makes sense that they aren't happy with anything below a 50 million bid to let go of the "next Ronaldo" or whoever. But when I'm approaching a Ligue 2 or a Romanian side, they should not demand over 5-6 million for a 15 year old!
  7. According to whoscored, Bayern plays the second-most accurate long balls per game (very closely behind Wolfsburg) and the least inaccurate long balls per game. What a crazy world we live in, eh?
  8. Naah, it's the AI and he is still in charge.
  9. If you're not sure what you're looking at, this is a Holger Stanislawski-led Freiburg side that's been relegated from the Bundesliga being transfer listed or unhappy. Guess a bit of squad rebuilding is in order.
  10. If indeed so, then this is completely ridiculous! The best goalies aren't the best because they look the coolest when flying through the air, they need to anticipate the play and position themselves accordingly to make less spectacular (and as a result, very likely more efficient) save.
  11. So I've felt that goalie average ratings are really odd for a while now. The very best manage, at most, a 7.10 - nowhere near enough to be considered for the Ballon d'Or like Neuer is these days. And now I had a CL playoff game (Bayern v Valencia) where I lost the game 3-1 in Spain (only my second loss this season!) and as a consequence, had to go in all guns blazing to win at home. I pulled it off (2-0 win with a very, VERY late goal plus a very, VERY late red card against me, so much drama), but the opposition goalie's performance really caught the eye. I had 19 shots on goal, from which he saved 14 (2 he let in and 3 were blocked, I guess). Add to that the fact that he saved TWO penalties. And his rating for the game (truly a goalkeeping performance for the ages despite Valencia being eliminated) was 6.5, which should mean "had a quiet game". Has anyone else found this to be ridiculous? (stay tuned for part 2 - why don't sweeper keepers sweep?)
  12. Lucas Scholl and Gianluca Gaudino are both in the Bayern reserve squad, being sons of Mehmet Scholl and Maurizio Gaudino, respectively.
  13. Yeah, worked a 4-4-1-1 system with the same setup myself. Seems to work pretty well.
  14. False nines also act as playmakers quite often, so that trio will be stepping on eachother's toes. Seek to have some players make runs into the box instead of dedicating themselves to creating opportunities by passing.
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