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  1. fm2017 skin

    Thanks friend, Deleting did not work (I don't know why) but changed with an alternative one and solved.
  2. fm2017 skin

    Hello, I want to ask that if anybody knows how to restore the old rating colors? I mean the hidden star should be dark instead of the empty one. In the image attached, the empty star seems dark.
  3. Hi @pikawa94, When I change the match titlebar font, the text (and also the time) seems little bit higher. How can I fix this? EDIT: Fixed it through panel "match title bar.xml". Thanks anyway.
  4. I would say CFM.
  5. Great, it worked. Very appreciated friend, thanks.
  6. @pikawa94 hi, I mean this section. I just want a plain color for this section. Background seems has a pattern here.
  7. Anyone know how to remove the gradient-like pattern on the match title bar (on the team names)?
  8. Hi @pikawa94, Yes please. I can make the relevant changes on .xml if you guide.
  9. Great work, using it right now. The only issue I'm experiencing is both the stadium and city pictures seem blurry. They don't look as sharp as the original picture (they are 400x240 originally btw).
  10. fm2017 skin

    Dear friends, I just want to use "match title bar" (I mean scoreboard section) for my personal use in another skin. Could anyone please help me that which files should I retrieve from the skin? But first of course, will it work that way?
  11. Hi, you have to tick "View matches in 3D" setting in preferences.
  12. I think it should be a square size picture. Square png worked for me.
  13. I played FM 2016 from a different folder location (moved from C to D drive) all the time without any problem like slowing down etc. and will play in the same way for 2017.
  14. As I know it's announced on Twitter by Miles that the beta comes out tonight.