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  1. Does anyone know how to fix this misalignment issue? Also change the purple color of the score area?
  2. Hi all, I'm trying a custom skin for myself and copied "Player" panel from another skin. I have an issue regarding the small panels in the player overview. As the screenshots say, panels are empty at first. I need to go back (or leave the screen) and re-enter the profile to see panels fixed. Could anyone tell what is the cause?
  3. Thanks for the information. But I don't think it's relevant to Windows display settings in anyway. Personally, my settings are always default. In this topic, you can also see a simultaneous comparison of FM20 and FM21 showing that the ingame text quality is vastly downgraded. Regards.
  4. Who says it is a solution? On the contrary, changing the hue is terrible. The thing is that the ingame text becomes clearer with modified hue. So basically, we talk about the same thing. The issue is about the game font, not our systems or color parameters.
  5. Well, 130-degree hue makes the ingame text really really good (of course, except the colors). This is how it should be. Btw, the 21.1.1 patch does not fix the issue.
  6. Windows 10, 1920x1080 In-game Zoom 100%. Text at higher zoom (125%) seem better but everything becomes bigger, so not an ideal way to play the game for many users I guess. Please find attached the dxdiag file. DxDiag_Serkan FY.txt
  7. There are some AMD users in the topic, so I don't think the fact is Nvidia. Still looking for good news because the text is so annoying right now.
  8. Windows 10 Pro v.2004 Res. 1920x1080 Game res. 1920x1080 Both full screen and windowed are same. Nvidia driver 456.71
  9. Same here. I don't think this is normal; definitely an issue. Overally for the game UI, the text is not crisp.
  10. It's been some time doing that modification. Now, I'm using a different skin and really don't remember. But I can say I just followed exactly the instructions in the second post. Also, if you are using a current/updated skin (Rensie in your case), it should be problem-free because this background issue has been solved months ago. Most skins have no problem. You can also check out the related files of some up-to-date skins as a reference.
  11. Not a big deal but appreciate your effort.Really, big thanks.
  12. Actually I'm waiting too if @bluestillidie00 can upload the files for that skin. Then we can manage it.
  13. Do you remember/know the codes to add club color-dependent lines below the player picture? Or generally do you have the skin files?
  14. Is it possible to remove the picture we added and get back to the generated 3D one?
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