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  1. It's been some time doing that modification. Now, I'm using a different skin and really don't remember. But I can say I just followed exactly the instructions in the second post. Also, if you are using a current/updated skin (Rensie in your case), it should be problem-free because this background issue has been solved months ago. Most skins have no problem. You can also check out the related files of some up-to-date skins as a reference.
  2. Same here. It seems there is a darkish color issue for light-skin regens (both player and manager).
  3. Not a big deal but appreciate your effort.Really, big thanks.
  4. Actually I'm waiting too if @bluestillidie00 can upload the files for that skin. Then we can manage it.
  5. Do you remember/know the codes to add club color-dependent lines below the player picture? Or generally do you have the skin files?
  6. Is it possible to remove the picture we added and get back to the generated 3D one?
  7. As explained in the post above. The file you've downloaded contains the Plus version. You just get a pass via donation to extract the Plus.
  8. Thanks for this amazing work. I have managed it to apply into a custom skin. Works great.
  9. Never played this game in 3D regardless my gig. I won't bring the 3D quality into question as I know the target audience of this game. But it's just not for me. Also, I think 2D is kind of the spirit of the Manager series.
  10. Yes, there is. He helped me to donate via another method. Check your PM.
  11. @bluestillidie00 Really nice one, love the colour in the second pic. Looking forward to release.
  12. @geordie1981 Great size and quality for current skins. Thank you very much for the work.
  13. @bossland Hi, I really liked your work and using it recently. I just have the same problem the friend above: "is it normal that every time I restart the game, I have to reset the dynamic background and the logo?"
  14. In the players attributes panels.xml, find this section and delete only the bold and underlined part. It worked for me. Beaware of that the quotation mark, slash and ending symbol will remain. <!-- Attribute value --> <record index="2" id="val" sort_disabled="true" column_alignment="centre" right="8"> <record id="widget_info" class="attribute_label" alignment="centre, can scale" style="semi_bold" colour="white" use_attribute_colour_as_bg="false" appearance="boxes/custom/attributes/paper"/>
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