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  1. Same here! Thought it was just me. A little detail, yet surprisingly annoying! Hopefully this gets fixed; loving the game this year.
  2. Apologies if I have missed something, but I set up a new tactic along with a set of opposition instructions. However when I came to play my first pre-season friendly the instructions on the pre-game screen were not there. I looked back at the tactic screen and they were still there. Can someone explain why I would have to select more opposition instructions on the pre-game screen if I had already selected them when making a tactic? Thanks
  3. Is it possible for you to upload a screenshot of your tactic? I've just started what i think could be a similar tactic on my United save. How has it gone for you?
  4. I think you miss my point; I didn't say I didn't. I purely wanted to see the accuracy of my scouting compared to the actually PA.
  5. ...I cannot find the -10, -9 etc... list for promising youngsters on here (used to be on Good Player... forum). Has it been removed or am i missing it right in front of me?
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for a new laptop to replace a 4-5 year old toshiba. I've come across this, what do you reckon? I'm not that familiar with spec and it seems great apart from perhaps the graphics card? Hoping to get one from John lewis as I can get discount. It's probably the top of my budget too. http://m.johnlewis.com/mt/www.johnlewis.com/lenovo-ideapad-z580-laptop-intel-core-i5-2-6ghz-8gb-ram-1tb-15-6-grey/p231848021
  7. But you also have Smalling, Jones and Valencia. I've got Alaba coming in January because I'm selling Evra to PSG.
  8. I've just received my copy from Amazon having played the Beta for the last two weeks. Am I right in thinking I just go into Steam > Games > Activate a product on Steam ? I have read the help thread but it wasn't explicitly clear to me.
  9. There may be a simple answer to this, or it may be a glitch in the game but when I registered my squad for the Champions League it said I didn't need to register players under 21. So I didn't register the likes of Powell and Adryan, thinking I wouldn't need to. However when I now want to use them in the European games I can't as they are not registered. Has anyone else had this or know of a reason for this?
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