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  1. Whenever i start a new game i always check the hidden stats of all the players of my new team, and one stat i am unsure of being able to work on is Important Matches. Does anyone know whether this stat is static or can it be raised somehow?
  2. I came here to ask about the lack of work permit affiliated clubs, when i noticed this post. In my game there has been no brexit deal yet but there still seems to be no affiliated clubs which mention anything about work permits.
  3. Just got a really good regen, but some of his mental traits are quite low. Does anyone know if tutoring can improve these stats, as most of the time the only stat that seems to improve is determination, but have not been checking hidden stats before?
  4. No way i'd wait over 4 or 5 months to start playing,
  5. I usually use FM Scout website - £34.99 right now.
  6. I wouldn't even try to buy Luke Shaw, as just like IRL he is constantly injured.
  7. Disappointed that they downgraded Joe Gomez' ability to play DR, dunno why they would do that. He played so well there IRL before getting injured.
  8. However personally i think the extra effort to download the cutout facepack is worthwhile, they usually cover many more players/staff. If anyone has a torrent downloader you could try http://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/1/cut-out-player-faces and click on torrents at bottom of page.
  9. I agree, best to let us know which positions you seem to need a much better player.
  10. I'd keep him then, as he's still one of better players in game.
  11. I'd consider how much you think of him as a first team certainty. If you have players who can replace him then i'd be slightly tempted, especially as i have so many players right now it's hard to keep them all happy, therefore i would be tempted as moaning players would get more games if they play in his position.
  12. A logo pack is available here, for instance. http://www.fmscout.com/a-smooth-16-logos-megapack.html And for facepack you could try http://www.fmscout.com/a-df11-facepacks-2016.html There are other facepacks and logo packs on different sites, but as u say some can come in lots of small download sections.
  13. I'd highly recommend you download a logos and a facepack btw, i find game much more enjoyable with proper club badges and player's faces visible.
  14. Think fullbacks sometimes get really high ratings when you play certain tactics, ie. any involving overlaps, so although it does really surprise me that Clyne got European player of year award, as long as i play a full back with decent stats they do tend to set up most of my goals, and hence the unbelievably high ratings.
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