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  1. The 4-1-3-2 seems to be working fairly well for me so far! Anyone else had any luck? Pirlo - DM - Regista Pogba - CM® - B2B Marchisio - CM - CM - Attack Vidal - CM (l) - B2B We're leaking a fair few goals due to the attacking setup in the midfield, but I plan on dropping Pogba back to DM as an Anchor Man when he Pirlo can no longer hold down a first team place, and bring in either Verratti or Poli for the other midfield place.
  2. I went for Reinartz in the end, due to sign in July 2014. £1m up front and £5.5m over 48 Months. He'll be on just over £30k per week. Strong, Great in the air and in the tackle, and fairly decent mental Stats. The only drawback being he'll have to play as an Anchor Man rather than a DM because he's very limited in terms of both going forward and keeping possession. He'll be a great destroyer alongside Bender against the bigger CL teams, when we just need to sit back and free up the front 3 to hit them on the break.
  3. He's actually doing OK as a backup for Reus as an AML Inside Forward. His Acceleration and Pace and reasonable Off The Ball stats mixed with his PPMs see him getting in behind teams on the Counter. He can't finish for toffee when he's through 1 on 1 though!
  4. I've started a new Dortmund Save with a twist. I'm challenging myself to never have more than 18 Players in my First Team Squad, just to keep things interesting! I am also planning on using Dortmund 2 for blooding through some promising youth players and emergency cover for the First Team. First things first, I have sorted the coaching personnel, so that I now have at least 4 stars in each training category. Norbert Elgert has come in from Schalke to run Dortmund 2, while Lars Ricken is in charge of the U19s alongside his Youth Development role. I'd like to bring in some more scouts, but none of the interested personnel seem to have the judging stats to do a decent job, so instead of bringing in the wrong staff, I'll wait for the right ones to come along! Getting players to sign for Dortmund was more difficult than I previously imagined, considering we were Champions League runners up! On a key note though, I managed to tie Lewandowski down until 2018, with an offer of £81k per week, a 25% yearly wage rise and whole host of other clauses. I have Mitrovic from Anderlecht on my radar as a potential replacement if anyone wants to make me a stupid offer, but until then he's a Dortmund player! Honda and Santon were top of my transfer wishlist, less than £10m for the pair according to my scouts which the £17m budget more than covers. With his 15 for Crossing and stronger Right Foot Santon is a better RB than LB imo - so solves the RB problem immediately. As a 'Natural' LB he's also able to cover injuries to Schmelzer while Papastathopoulos can slot in very competently at RB. But just when I thought I'd made my mind up, Sven Mislintat came back with a £6.5m price for Sebastien Jung. So I brought in both Santon and Jung, and now Schmelzer will likely drop onto my bench. Timo Horn came in on a £1m Upfront, £1m over 48 Months and an extra £1m depending on clauses, another bargain I thought, so will be a worthy number 2 to Weidenfaller for now, and has the potential to stake a claim for the No1 Jersey in the future! I managed to recoup £2m of that by selling Langerak and Focher, so the outlay was minimal. Another good piece of business I thought. I'm attempting to free up some funds (and wages!) by selling Aubameyang but I have no takers currently (probably due to his excessive wage demands). This will go towards a summer signing of Goretzka (I've got 12 months to unsettle him!) who will replace the out-of-contract Kehl. I'm working on a deal for Timo Werner for January, when hopefully someone comes in and panic buys Aubameyang. He doesn't exactly fit my system with me playing a lone striker in a 4-3-3/4-5-1, however his Strength, Balance and Passing, while not great, are still high enough so that I can retrain him to be a more complete striker, especially with the potential my Scouts think he has! If anyone has any suggestions for a DM that can competently play as a DC then please shout! Piszczek will be sold in the summer and Schmelzer and Papastathopoulos have the RB/LB slots well covered, so I'm looking to bolster my midfield options instead. Geis and Ginter would be my preferred choices, but neither are interested in a move at the moment and wouldn't be content with sitting on the bench. Goreztka will provide cover for the DLP/B2B roles, so I need someone that can come in and play second fiddle to Bender, with the ability to do a job in case of dire injury in the back line. Doesn't have to be young, but does have to be content to sit on the bench for large periods of the season so needs to be professional and loyal. Being German would also be a bonus! My 18-Man Squad Weidenfaller - (GK - GK) Jung (RB - CWB) Hummels (DC - CB) Subotic (DC - CB) Santon (LB - CWB) Bender (DM - DM) Gundogan (MC - DLP) Honda (MC - B2B) Mkitaryan (AMR - Adv. Plm) (Not a fan at all! Will keep hold of him until Leitner returns from Stuttgart, then he'll be sold!) Reus (AML - Ins Forw) Lewandowski (FC - DLF) Horn Papastathopoulos Schmelzer Piszcek (INJ and will be sold - but no takers atm due to his injury!) Kehl (looking to bring in Goretzka in the Summer if I can afford and unsettle him!) GroßKreutz Aubameyang (Will be shown the exit door once I get a deal sorted for Werner) So that's the squad and future plans as I approach the start of Season 1, I'll keep you updated. It's going to be interesting to see how well we cope with only 18 first team players in the squad, especially with a lack of midfield and attacking quality on the subs bench!
  5. Tottenham seem to have a squad almost perfect for this tactic! My only query would be out of Lamela and Eriksen - which would you play at F9 and which would you play as MC(a)? Lamela is better defensively, a better finisher and has a fairly well-rounded game (lots of 14s) with plenty of PA to spread about, so I was thinking of retraining him for the MC position where he can break forward and drive into space with his excellent dribbling skills? Eriksen is much more creative and will link the play better, so retrain him as a F9 and work on his finishing?
  6. Dembele is an absolute beast on this game as a B2B Mid. Playing him alongside Carrick as a DLP (D) in a 4-2-4, and then Jones comes in and plays in the DM slot for tougher games in a 433/451. We bought the wrong Belgian Midfielder!
  7. My 2p is that picking players more suited to certain matches is just as important as how their attributes stack up against the 'generic' role specific abilities. Say for example I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 with a Deep-Lying Playmaker with Man Utd against Hull. In the two-man midfield I'm less likely to need the positioning and defensive abilities of Michael Carrick in the DLP role, so I go with the extra attacking threat that Ryan Giggs offers in the same role. Carrick is the better DLP on paper, but arguably Giggs will be the more effective player against an opposition that are unlikely to leave their own half. Similarly if I want to play a DM against a team that play with a pacey AMC, then Phil Jones would probably get the nod ahead of Fellaini due to his better pace, even though on paper Fellaini is the better DM.
  8. Too many attack duties in the front 4; basically means your midfield and attack are too separated and disjointed. I'd also change the roles of your DMs/MCs to DLP(s) and either DM (d) or CM (d). Carrick, Fellaini and Fletcher are all perfect for these roles. Januzaj as an AMC - Adv Plm (S) will see him drop and link the play nicely. I'd also look to make the most of Rafael by giving him the CWB role at RB. Rooney up top alone should play as a CF, the other 3 I would go with Poacher to open up space and get someone in the box. If the opponents are parking the bus consider changing one of your IFs to Support instead of Attack.
  9. Started a new long-term project with United after a few practise saves. Getting towards the end of Season 1, still unbeaten in the league at the moment! We've dropped quite a few points both at home and away though, which I blame on a youthful and unadapted/new squad. Because it's a long-term save I decided to make major changes from the off, in the hope of having a youthful, but settled world-class squad within 2-3 seasons. First off I slashed the wage budget and brought in some funds by selling off Rooney, Evra, Vidic, Van Persie, Ferdinand, Young and the vast majority of the Under 21's in August of Season 1. The good news was that out of those big 6 players only Young stayed in England, the rest went abroad. Nani, Anderson, Lindegaard, Amos, Fabio, Evans and Fletcher followed in January after I had brought in some reinforcements. So at present that leaves me with: De Gea Johnstone (surprisingly good backup keeper!) Rafael Clyne - £6.5m - January Doria - £8m - July Balanta - £7.5m - August Smalling Jones Baines - £24m - August Shaw - £17.5m - January Fellaini Ward-Prowse (training as B2B midfielder) - £13.5m in January after I'd spent all winter unsettling him!! Cup-Tied though. Carrick Will Hughes (retrained as DM/MC and training as DLP) - £9.8m - August Valencia Januzaj (retrained as MR/AMR and training as a defensive winger) Quintero (starting to be retrained as ML/AML as a defensive winger) - £16.5m - January (again I had set my sights on him from the off and succeeded in unsettled him in December) Zaha - Out on loan until January then returned to challenge for a LM/AML position! Benteke - £19.6m - August Hernandez Welbeck Gabriel Barbosa will hopefully provide something different up top once he signs in the summer. He looks a bit like a young Aguero from what I've seen of him. I'm also hoping Ward-Prowse will turn into a genuinely world-class box-to-box/all action centre midfielder. Hughes is the natural successor to Carrick in my eyes, same with Shaw and Baines. I've got a good blend of direct/pacey and technical/creative wingers, my only concern being their defensive abilities at the moment - hence the defensive winger training! Roll on the end of the season and next year! Exciting times at the theatre of dreams.
  10. Nat Clyne is a great and dependable understudy to Rafa. He's got a fairly low rep and good hidden/personality stats so is content sitting on the sidelines for large parts of the season. Plus he's nation trained and doesn't need much time to adapt.
  11. Yacob was fantastic for me as a backup for Fellaini and Carrick. His stats mean he can play either as a BWM or DLP - would also suit the Halfback/DM role too. Not starting 11 quality for United though, you'll see little improvement either at 25/26.
  12. Jese from Madrid would make an excellent TQ/F9, I've got him for £18m in Jan Window as Man Utd. Think he had an injury and didn't play much though so might be why he was so cheap. Only wants about 35k per week too!
  13. Replace Rooney with Jese from Madrid and you won't look back! Van Persie as a DLF (s) and Jese as Adv F (A). You can't defend against them! Welbeck and (surprisingly) Hernandez were too wasteful in front of goal for me and Rooney was ineffectual. Van Persie is a beast it's just a shame he's on such a massive wage! I wasn't having much success with a DLP/AP on this FM, so I went for Power in Midfield. Fellaini is a monster as BWM CM alongside Dembele as a B2B Mid. Creativity comes from Januzaj drifting in from ML while Alaba bombs forward from DL. For those on a budget, Ben Davies from Swansea is 9/10 of the player Alaba is for half the price! Long term plans are to bring in Benteke/Morata in a season or 2 once RVP starts declining. Rafael is a beast at MR Winger (a), and adds a lot of defensive strength to the midfield, the only negative being his creativity. Looking to bring in Quintero in at the end of the year as a compatriot for Balanta and retrain him as a ML. Januzaj is being retrained to MR, so Rafael can drop back to DR.
  14. Neither! If you can only buy one promising DC go for Doria - he's the more complete defender and has much better mental stats. Plus if you can work on his First Touch he'd make a cracking BWM/Anchor that's reasonable on the ball, so gives you versatility.
  15. Name: Doria Age: 18 Nationality: Brazilian Club: Botafogo Position: DC Value: £2.5m Sale Value: £4m Work Permit Needed?: Yes
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