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  1. great to see an aussie expansion for 11, haven't done much with australia myself, tend to create heaps of asian leagues instead!! downloading as we speak so can't wait to play!
  2. starting playing back in the 90s with games such as Premier-Manager on the Sega Mega Drive and Player-Manager on the SNES. I also remember having a managment game on the Commodore64, can't remember the name though. Got into CM00/01 after playing an EA management game and thinking, there has to be a better version than this! Tried CM06, thought it was pigs poo so moved over to FM07 and can't stop playing them since!! I'm mostly in the editor area though, making fantasy Aussie leagues!
  3. just finished my first season as Alki Larnaca, managed to get a couple wins at the end to finish in 6th, not too shabby, especially since I had to play Dimitri Hatzimoratis (the only Aussie in Cyprus) in almost every game (personal challenge) hoping he'll be joined by a couple more soon! am loving this db, found you have to restrict the players freedom at this level though, otherwise they just loose the ball! great db Hershie, keep it up mate.
  4. i love 08, to me it's the greatest FM game ever! I've got a great career as Liverpool along with stints at a few nations. Been at Liverpool since I fired it up, and have won the EPL each season (even going quite a few years without a loss until Newcastle ended my run at about 250 games). Got the national job at Czech Rep but couldn't get them to play the way I wanted and crashed out of the WC in the group stages, so I resigned and Italy came knocking, I had a great time, winning the Euro, Confed Cup, & WC beating Spain in all 3 finals, I felt so sorry for Spain that I resigned from Italy after the WC and took the vacant Spain job, have won all 3 with the Spanish team now, and planned on leaving them, but since I have promoted 6 of my players to the Spanish starting 11 (only 2 of them actually born in Spain) I just can't walk away! As it's getting a bit boring winning each season (but not being able to let anyone else managed by beloved Reds) I've set up another manager, he's been at 5 clubs in 3 years! Currently plying his trade at Oldham, saved them from relegation in League 2 last season and now heading towards his first ever promotion! I've always used a self-created 4-2-1-2-1 formation, with a flat 4 at the back, 2 DMs who come forward when we have the ball, a creative CM who generally tops the assists column, 1 AMR & 1 AML who are always great a crossing and have a hell of a hit, and 1 ST who is basically a poacher. I found Andy Carroll ($10M from Blackburn) to be the best in my formation, hitting over 200 goals. Salvatore Foti ($12M Sampdoria) was also brilliant, especially when I managed Italy, banging in 37 goals in 34 appearances, then dropped when I left! Right now I've got a kid called Kohler, a regen from Germany, already nearing 100 goals and only in his 3rd season. Think I might stop my FM10 game (on my edited db with all Middle Eastern leagues) and go back to my FM08 save tonight!
  5. he's absolute pigs poo, but he's an Aussie so I start him every game regardless! trying my hardest to sign more Australians, but everyone keeps rejecting me! must be the wads of cash i'm not offering them!! all in all mate, it's a great db.
  6. will be downloading this on the weekend, can't wait to play as Alki Larnaca, they have the only Australian I know of that plays in Cyprus (Dimitri Hatzimoratis). Looks spectacular, I love the smaller league of the world, might have to run it with my tiny Asian and North American leagues!
  7. I still play 03/04 every now and then. Have got a couple of great games going with FC Basel, Liverpool, and RTB Ebbw Vale in Wales. Best players I found were: Cherno Samba, Gamst Pedersen, John Carew, and Jermaine Pennamt. and, I'd love to get a copy of that diablo tactic, just curious how it worked.
  8. i've been doing this since i started playing CM in the good ol' days. i tend to 'create' a radio station that is dedicated soley (sic) to my club regardless of their level (appparently there is 1 for Liverpool FC and Basingstoke Town!) and I'm on a weekly talk show discussing the team. On occasion my players also attend and I say their answers too! God that sounds sad! I'm 27 living with my partner and have a high paying important job (My partner reminds me of this everytime she hears me telling the sink that we plan to keep this winning streak going into the new division!) Still, as the classic saying goes: THIS IS FOOTBALL MANAGER!!
  9. i think it's a combination of scouting and interest. I have no problem with more European leagues added, but after Asia and the Middle East. I love the Asian Champions League and African Nations but don't think they are fairly reflected in the game simply due to the small number of clubs you can actually use. I think the following need to be added in this order: 1) Egypt 2) Saudi Arabia 3) Qatar 4) Nigeria 5) Ivory Coast 6) Paraquay 7) UAE 8) New Zealand 9) Iran 10) Equador 11) Cyprus 12) Vietnam As you can see, I place more European leagues quite low on my list of must have leagues! (Yes, I know Japan isn't on there, FM have told us it's not going to happen so, sadly, we have to deal with that)
  10. there's only 21 games in the A-League. Plus a pre-season cup of a max of 5 games. No in-season cup.
  11. actually i've got another one: Kurniwan (i think that was how you spelt it) back in 99/00 he was from Indonesia, was a great player up till the Championship, wasn't EPL material. Was also a star for me as the Canberra Cosmos in the old NSL here in Australia
  12. Cherno Samba - became a brilliant player after 2 years out on loan in the Championship 03/04 Morten Gamst Pedersen - owned my midfield 03/04 Kennedy Bakircioglu - was a sensation in 00/01, you just could sign him straight away though, he'd always reject Martin Palermo - 00/01 Stan Collymore - 00/01 - the Collymore/Palmero combination used to land about 50+ goals a season for my team Chris Sutton - 00/01 - always picked him in my England squad and was a genius! (could never work out why he was never picked for England irl)!
  13. I'm guessing you weren't brought up speaking English though huh? Just taking the p**s mate! No offence! I know what you mean mate, being brought up by an Italian father and an English mother I've always called the great game football, but some stupid reason Australians called that aerial ping-pong game football, sacrilege!!
  14. it's a means of identification and unity, we use it here is Australia (i.e. Central Coast Mariners), plus, the English actually do this also (Leeds Rhinos in Rugby League, London Wasps in Union). personally i love it, wish my Sydney FC team had a decent nickname.
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