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  1. Isn't England going back into lockdown tomorrow? Would be a great time to release the beta as you're all stuck indoors.
  2. It'd be real swell if you Brits gave us Yanks a nice "Election Day" distraction and released the beta tomorrow...I mean, it's the least you guys can do!
  3. I actually kind of feel like you now. I get a few years into a Man Utd save, and think, "I really want to start over and buy these set of players this time and see how United progress'..."
  4. Isn't every save of yours "an old save?" How many have you had now!?
  5. Ha, funny you mention that. Goals haven't been as plentiful as they were in season 1. It's strange that everyone encounters that....maybe teams just park the bus and play more defensive. It also didn't help that Martial was out for the first 4-5 weeks starting in August due to injury. He's gotten back on track and in January he now has 10 goals in 17 AP. Cavani, whom I signed last minute as a back up, along with Bruno Petkovic have filled in nicely tho. Cavani I signed for only a year as a stop gap until I go after Kane, Halaand, Lautaro, or Mbappe. Oh, and speaking of De Gea. Out
  6. See my tactic back a few posts form here. I had him as mezzela next to Pogba and he was brilliant.
  7. Everything you see there should be good to go. If you're asking if I have the same tactic/formation in all three slots, the answer is I don't have all three slots with the same formation/tactics/ The other two have one with a AM role and the other is a two striker formation, which I haven't really needed yet. If I were to get another striker or two I'd probably use that one more than the AM role. The only player I trained specifically for their specific role has been Greenwood. Other than that my ass.man takes control of training for me.
  8. I definitely had more success with Matic/McT playing a deeper DMF role than putting Bruno forward into an AP role.
  9. This is my main tactic I used. In fact, I'm not sure I deviated from it much all year. Rashford was main IF on the left.
  10. I'm shocked over Martial this current save. I recently restarted my Man Utd save this past week after 5 years in previous one, as I wanted to build around Martial, Greenwood and Rashford, and Martial just banged 50 goals in season 1 destroying Denis Law record of 46 goals, held since 1963. Not sure what I am going to focus on in the first summer window, but I'm going to take my time and try and avoid signing too many players that push my younger players to the side. Has anyone in any save ever had any success unsettling Lewendowski and signing him? I have always wanted Lewa
  11. I thought about doing it, but said screw it and just went ahead and bought him. Seems weird as I like realism (I have update with Werner going to Chelsea, etc) but oh well.
  12. I'm about done with season 1 and in the same boat. I restarted my Man Utd save cause I was unhappy 4 years in how I signed too many attackers and it limited Greenwood and Rashfords playing time. I'd rather build around those two with Martial playing AF. So right now I am considering just buying a backup striker for now, or maybe offering a contract to Cavani and rotate he and Martial. Martial is killing it in the first year for me with 34 goals thus far in March. Hard to replace that. So far all I have added to the team is mostly youth players, (Bellingham, Kenneh, Yusef Demir, Es
  13. 200M?! I've only gotten them to a max of about 120M. Crazy to turn down 200M.
  14. Going into year 3 with Man Utd and I tried to buy him, but he signed a new contract, so I may need to try again next summer. I haven't spent anything this last summer window to save up for a huge fee. Have about 300M right now, so he is target number 1. Seems as you bought him after your third year as well, so maybe that's typical for each save.
  15. Esposito looks immense in my save. I'm going into my 3rd season right now, and I signed him after the first season for 12M, with some add ons, and he was loaned out last year to Bristol City. He led the Championship in goals with 27, and got Bristol City into the Prem. I extended his loan for a second season due to Bristol City now being in the Prem and I want him to get that crucial playing time at this level. Plus I don't have room for him yet as I have Lautaro and Cavani who I got for free as my strikers at moment. Cavani will most likely be gone after this season which will give Sebastiano
  16. Started with AC Milan when beta came out. Now into 2024, have won Serie A two years in a row, but still chasing Champions League glory. After the first season a british tycoon took over and has afforded me silly money to reshape the team. I still focus mostly on buying youth, and focusing on predominately Italian players. Some of the main stays right now are Haaland, Piatik, Riccardi, Pellegrini, Tonali, Zaniolo, Armini, Vignato, and a few young Italian regens who are ridiculously good. I raided Romas midfield hard when we had our take over. Lorenzo Columbo progresses quite nicely
  17. British Tycoon took over my Milan game....been amazingly fun. Have won Serie A now two years running, but still trying to get CL glory.
  18. Have used your guide since you posted it back years ago! Thanks again for that.
  19. Marcos Leonardo at Santos looks class for a 16 year old. My scouts rated high very highly, and I was able to snag him for 250k for Milan. Looking forward to developing him.
  20. Always love this thread. Are there any clubs that have a higher chance of a take over relatively soon after a new save? Newcastle?
  21. Good shout. He was transfer listed, nabbed him for 5M for Milan.
  22. All we do is set our selves up for major disappointment with this thread, but it's real fun tho!
  23. Yeah, cause the sooner you go to sleep the sooner the day is over and the sooner you are to the real beta date. Also, it's 10:34am here.
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