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  1. Started with AC Milan when beta came out. Now into 2024, have won Serie A two years in a row, but still chasing Champions League glory. After the first season a british tycoon took over and has afforded me silly money to reshape the team. I still focus mostly on buying youth, and focusing on predominately Italian players. Some of the main stays right now are Haaland, Piatik, Riccardi, Pellegrini, Tonali, Zaniolo, Armini, Vignato, and a few young Italian regens who are ridiculously good. I raided Romas midfield hard when we had our take over. Lorenzo Columbo progresses quite nicely as well. I also signed Sebastiano Esposito for cheap before and he's turned out well, obviously. Some regens in the youth pipeline right now.
  2. British Tycoon took over my Milan game....been amazingly fun. Have won Serie A now two years running, but still trying to get CL glory.
  3. Have used your guide since you posted it back years ago! Thanks again for that.
  4. Marcos Leonardo at Santos looks class for a 16 year old. My scouts rated high very highly, and I was able to snag him for 250k for Milan. Looking forward to developing him.
  5. Always love this thread. Are there any clubs that have a higher chance of a take over relatively soon after a new save? Newcastle?
  6. Good shout. He was transfer listed, nabbed him for 5M for Milan.
  7. All we do is set our selves up for major disappointment with this thread, but it's real fun tho!
  8. Yeah, cause the sooner you go to sleep the sooner the day is over and the sooner you are to the real beta date. Also, it's 10:34am here.
  9. Go to sleep gents. We won't see the beta for at least a week.
  10. I guess I will pass the time waiting for beta playing CoD and PUBG. A belly full of chicken dinners is a good way to start the beta anyway. It's also snowing hard as hell here...so not going anywhere for time being.
  11. All you have to do is click the link to their twitch stream at the indicated time they are going Live, and you can watch it. Nothing else more than that.
  12. Either Manchester United or Ac Milan to start in the beta before a really long term LLM save. Both giants need to be brought back to their glory. I will probably lean towards Milan tho. Haven't done a proper Milan save in a few years and they have really struggled early this year IRL so it may be realistic taking them over and trying to take out Juve as the top dog in Italy.
  13. There's a tycoon Man Utd save in the tycoon thread, starts in sept. 2018....so right at the start of the game. I had a look and they had like 687M in the bank! Ridiculous.
  14. Is Muto an injury risk, cause that guy so far in my first season is literally getting hurt every week.
  15. damn! I want that save....post it in the sugar daddy thread. Still waiting to see who takes us over.
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