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  1. Either Manchester United or Ac Milan to start in the beta before a really long term LLM save. Both giants need to be brought back to their glory. I will probably lean towards Milan tho. Haven't done a proper Milan save in a few years and they have really struggled early this year IRL so it may be realistic taking them over and trying to take out Juve as the top dog in Italy.
  2. There's a tycoon Man Utd save in the tycoon thread, starts in sept. 2018....so right at the start of the game. I had a look and they had like 687M in the bank! Ridiculous.
  3. Is Muto an injury risk, cause that guy so far in my first season is literally getting hurt every week.
  4. damn! I want that save....post it in the sugar daddy thread. Still waiting to see who takes us over.
  5. Would I want to see it? I don't really care one way or another. I can honestly say I'd never ever play with that DB, as I have zero interest in that. I have a hard time seeing why SI would even add that and spend time/resources doing so either. In fact, the only way I'd see SI doing that, is because we live in extraordinary times, with the whole wage gap issue, and women not being represented enough, etc. So i could see SI going that way like other companies have just in order to keep up with the times.
  6. @Ross Ingersoll Just wanted to say thanks for the instructions on how to do create a tycoon takeover. I took your step by step from the FM16 Tycoon to do it. I never knew how to before, but I wanted to create a Tycoon takeover of some EFL level team, so i chose MK Dons and have been simming for the past 2 days on and off and finally have a Kumait Sugar Daddy take over the club in Oct of first year. So, thanks!
  7. This guy has been stellar for me. In fact, at the beginning of this year I was able to sign Jesus from City for 18M, as he was transfer listed and never caught on at City, and I had planned to make him my new lone striker, but Coman continues to just score for fun. He'll become a Toon legend at this rate. Coman along with Jesus playing wide right, and Barco playing as a SS behind Coman have been dominating for me so far this year.
  8. This is my biggest issue with all this. I don't have a problem with the young players not wanting to sign at such a young age, and helping to avoid just hoarding young talent, but when the AI can buy said example, Goretzka nearly every time for $8M, but they demand four times that much from me, that's a problem I have with the game. If the AI wanted that enormous price from every club, even other teams controlled by the AI, that's fine, but not when the AI inherently treats me different than other AI controlled teams.
  9. Every year I have started a long term save with the beta. If I didn't start a long term save, and plan on continuing past beta, then I wouldn't be able to play. It just wouldn't hold my attention. So yes, as always started long term save with Newcastle.
  10. Just make sure you wish him happy bday every year...hear he cries if you don't.
  11. Man reading this thread brings back good memories. What a team Milan had in the early to mid 2000's. So many legends.
  12. Moise Keane. Buy him and watch the goals galore.
  13. Getting Dybala is nearly impossible. I eventually gave up after the first season and turned my attentions to Icardi and was able to land him for about 20M+ future incentives and 48 months of payments. Total cost was about 37M.
  14. Crystal Palace would be fun. Wish it was earlier in the save. Prefer to start off as current day as possible.
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