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  1. Has there been an update today? I believe the 7 subs bug is fixed now Thanks!
  2. Everybody keeps talking about the problem - but nothing is being done from SI...
  3. Will we soon see a fix? It is sad to no be able to play in your own country FM-wise due to the league being unplayable with 7 subs....................
  4. Nice! And I just thought about how I sounded and it wasn't good. So sorry for the aggressive writing and thank you. @Christopher Lewis
  5. I am impressed we have heard nothing about the 7 sub bug still. Is it being fixed or did you just put it down in the order? At least give the fans some knowledge. We pay for your game and for you to exist....
  6. I can only have 3 subs with HB Køge in 1. division? It must be a bug as you normally can have a lot more ??
  7. I mostly play in 2D And do you guys think it could handle recording a video from my Elgato and then rendering it in iMovie?
  8. So i have this mac: 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 4GB memory 500GB hard drive1 Intel HD Graphics 4000 OS X Mountain Lion Can it handle FM with good speed (5 leagues and players and logo packs) I will upgrade to 8 gb ram soon, but firstly it is 4
  9. That you can be a u19 team only, sometimes i only want to be u19 manager of barca/but i dont want to be the first team, but i cant
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