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  1. Hello, I can not make any meeting with my players, saying that that "you cannot organize meeting during interseaon", although I'm already in september end. Thanks for any solutions.
  2. mightymanager

    Players meeting

    Hello, I can not make any meeting with my players, saying that that "you cannot organize meeting during interseaon", although I'm already in september end. Thanks for any solutions.
  3. Hello everyone, When the manager decide to select the 11 players, it would be great like IRL : - to explain to the group your choice - to have the possibility to explain to the player individually why the player is not on the pitch - to get bad or good reaction from the selected players immediatmy after hte compo of the team. Thanks
  4. Hello, In FM 2016, I would like to see : - more deep training management - more media and AI manager pressure - more player interactivity, with more pressure on the manager - when you compose your 11 begin, you should be able to explain to some player why they won't be on the pitch, what do you expect etc... - more tactical possibilities ( man marking, pressing etc... ) - more specific interviews with media. - more deep report of training performance/player/group each day, each week, each month, each year, in order for the manager to choose the team more efficiently. Regards.
  5. Good evening, Can we hav more detail about training change ? Thanks
  6. Hello, 1 - Among all the improvements, nothing has been annouced in training changes. I feel the training system little boring ( nothing to do after setted ) although this is the most important work for the manager. 2 - IRL, when a manager make his team for the match, he has to explain its choice to the players ( at least the main ) and the moral of some player should go down immediately id the player is not on the pitch ( especially in bif teams ) 3 - IRL, the manager can contact the agent to propose a contract to the scouted player before contacting the club, to put more pressure. Thanks for your comments.
  7. Hi Si Community, - We should have more pressure as manager, IRL, managers are under pressure full time, under rumours, specially after end of season. - We should have more choice of training - We should be able to see better animations during the match ( it's difficult to notice difference exept with the stats. ) - Better scouting system, with more risk, it seems too easy ( time and way ) to find the best player - Improve more and more match engine. - that's it for me in FM 2014.
  8. mightymanager

    3d pitch to far away to see anything

    I hope for the FM14, SI will work on zooming closer in order to see each player's action.
  9. Can you do it on live match or do you have to wait the next day ? Thanks.
  10. Oh ! no, I was not aware about that. I will try in the evening. Cool !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Wrong for me, the match engine, after some match becomes good and the tactical effect is more than FM12. So, of course, it needs some samll tweaks, but in general it's a very good ME ever. Just waiting to be able to see players little bit more closer.
  12. mightymanager

    Director of football

    How to do to make him only negociating contracts, but not finding players ?
  13. FM13 is an excellent game, the best of series. But still expecting to see players more close up. Is it a licence problem ? Will it be possible for future ( near ) to be able to see players like IRL TV.
  14. I would love to see training as in real : 50-100 types of exercices ( like IRL ) to schedule per day, depending on your training facilities. I know, people will say, no for micro management, but in reality, yes a coach manager is in front of the guys will they are training a tons of differents exercices ( micro exercices ) Hard to implement ( influences of each exercices ) boring for some people buit so close to reality ! 50% o the time of a manager is on the training pitch.
  15. Paul, Maybe you are taking it too emotively, and I understand. Try just to note that some fan are frustrated and they don't want to give a specific feedback but just a general feeling ( sometimes roughly said, I accept ) as they just want to be ready to play quickly. Saying this game is "rubbish" should be taken in another way from you guys, who are the cerator of FM : the fan just told his feel=ing at the moment, he did not insult anybody or its work, just an instant feeling. This thread is not for bugs, but for general feedbak for you, so take it easy and don't avoid to come here as it's your own house...