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  1. -First off, editor. -In 2021 FMT, cross-sync generated faces do not work between PC and iOS. If I made the save in iOS only iOS shows the generated faces, and PC does not. Vice-versa, PC saves show faces and iOS doesnt. This seems like a bug that I don't think was an issue in previous seasons -Our tablets are MUCH faster than previously. Please make the databases larger!! For reference, I use a PC Save where I unlock every nation and every player, and the game runs buttery smooth on my iPad Mini, and I've done this on every Touch over the past few years, and I've used Ipad Air and older Minis before this year. -Please add more roster registration restrictions. After playing a decade or so in, teams are just filled with players from other countries and very few from their own country. This isn't very realistic. Also makes it more challenging. -In game kit editor. Get tired of the same kits every season. Should also make CPU teams have small changes to kit every year (could just be a random generator using same color families, but diff patterns?) -I noticed many times, players will demand a lot of money from me, and then I get rid of them and they'll sign to another team for half the wages. Seems unfair, even if I am the top team in the world. -My transfer budget seems to be larger than the team's total money at times when I go without a full season or two without buying players. -Ability to disable VAR screen. It's great to have it, but its annoying to continually see it, since it takes a long time to go through the VAR display. -Ability to choose sponsorships (does not have to be very complicated, just have options available to pick from each time one is available) -Create a Club should have a built-in option to not be sackable. If i want to create a club, thats bad to start, and then I get canned 3 months into it, what's the point of creating a club? I want to manage the club I created, not some other club.
  2. Some of this probably depends on when Apple will release the patch, once it's ready. Developers typically dont have a whole lot of say on when things get released unless its planned far ahead iirc.
  3. I have both iOS and PC version. It seems the iOS version has a bit more bugs related to random touch issues and display errors than the PC version has. I've continued to play but do more so on the PC on my cross-save.
  4. Ive always wondered about this as well. Sometimes it shows up and sometimes it does not for me in every version of this game. It seems to show up more often than not if the PK is happening towards the end of regulation time at a critical moment. Otherwise, game auto chooses penalty taker.
  5. in last year's version, I had generated faces for all generated players in the game but I did not play a cross-save game. If I played a tablet only save -- or if the youth in-take process occurs while playing on the tablet -- will I get generated faces like last year?
  6. Yea but you typically simulate a day or two at a time in normal play and the differences is probably a few seconds at best. I havent noticed any real differences at all in actual play on my ipad mini 5
  7. I will note that I see player profile photos of generated players on the PC Steam version but they do not show up in iOS version. Is this a cross-save issue? In other words, if I have a cross-save, will I never be able to see player generated pictures on my tablet?
  8. my academy youth intake players dont have photos this season. is this supposed to occur?
  9. my iPad Mini 5 is also draining much faster than on last year's game
  10. I have Touch on both PC and on an iPad Mini 5. While siming through the season is fast and and quick on the mini 5, the gameplay can occasionally be a little choppy (frame rates drop a bit). Is there a way to add some graphic quality options in the menu? It'd be nice to just turn off player shadows on the pitch since I don't really care for it and that may make the framerate improve significantly. Otherwise, the match engine graphics are a much needed refresh this season! Also, the Tactics Overview page no longer shows an icon for the players effectiveness at the position. I really liked that icon for a quick look at the player ability for the tactic Im using. My general and sometimes same yearly feedback: - Add Pre and/or In Game Editor or the capability to read game editor files - Add Larger database options, even if you keep the nation restrictions, can we have mega sized databases?! (I am using a retain all ddt for this ipad save and it works fine...) - Add Squad restrictions options to keep things more realistic - Offline fantasy draft vs AI - Ability to change team kit colors at beginning of each season (or at least the away/alt kits)
  11. My user profile picture based on my created head coach is just a black silhouette instead of a generated face. I am using a cross-save from PC touch that uses the Face Upload feature to make a like-generated face of myself.
  12. You can do this by creating a save in PC version of Touch with all the mods you want (like retain-all ddt). If you want to make sure its totally compatible with iOS, then you can just save it and manually transfer the save file to your ipad using iTunes. If you want to create a 5 league save, it will save the PC file to a *.fmt file format. You can rename this to *.fmv and transfer to iOS and it'll open up and load fine. That said, I've seen a couple issues while using this 5 nation save file workaround on my iPad Mini 5 -- first reserve games show up in email/news as Team 1 vs Team 2 with no info. The players on the reserve team do show a history of the match played in their recent form profile though. The second bug is that Instant Sim games shows up with a blank result page pop-up after the game is completed. I've otherwise have not seen any other issues. Those two are a bit of distraction, so I'm just using my 3-league save with a full retain-all database on my device now, and this works perfect with cross-save functionality.
  13. well i just got pass the 3 league max on tablets by making a 5 league save on PC and then renaming the save file from FMT to FMV and putting it on my ipad. also used the retain-all ddt to increase the database to max
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