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  1. Social feed in my inbox has some graphical errors. I'm on a Macbook in windowed mode...
  2. I really enjoy the interface this year, but is there a way to get rid of the pop-ups that occur every time I hover over anything? I've played this game for most of my adult life and these hints just aren't needed. I searched everywhere but couldn't find how to turn them off. Anyone know where to look?
  3. @DazRTaylor , I've been using the ones from meistertrainerforum for years. Probably the one you're speaking of, although it doesn't take me too long to get through seasons - even on my Macbook. At least it's no longer than normal databases.
  4. I will - since I always do - have a long-term save with my local club Norwich and another with Nürnberg once the German LL database is released. My first save to learn the new ins and outs will either be Ajax or AIK.
  5. Yeah mate, tried that again. Done it a few times in fact. I notice the background changes depending on if I'm using GPU assisted graphics or software.
  6. Any suggestions? This is still an issue despite trying everything under the sun.
  7. Cache verified, while it didn't fix the problem it did have some sort of effect.
  8. Here is the original thread highlighting the problem. We were told to post here since this seems Mac specific. Basically game generated pictures of players and staff have strange backgrounds. I'm running a macOS 10.12.4. I suspect it's an issue with the OS. Everything was in order, installed the OS update to 10.12.4, then fired up FM and found the graphics issue. Seems pretty clear it was the latest OSX update that caused the issue.
  9. Which is why at the start of the season I specifically kept ambitions low, and said we'd aim to avoid relegation. Told them to stop moaning and that it was just as much their fault that they were "underachieving", seemed to sort it out. For the time being anyway.
  10. I'm Aston Villa in our second season after winning promotion in our first season. Our expectation was to avoid relegation, and in January we are 14th, 7 points clear of the bottom three, and in the semifinal of the league cup. Yet almost my entire squad has come to me wanting to hold a meeting over our underachievement. Any clue what could be going on?
  11. You can find a database on MeisterTrainer that will take you all the way down to the Regionalligas, allowing your reserve team to play as normal.
  12. Been looking at playing with a French side for a bit now. I usually run a save with Bordeaux but decided on Stade Rennais. Not spent much money, 875K or so. Brought in Malbranque to play as a deep sitting playmaker and then and handful of younger players with potential. Alfareal from Le Havre and Lasme from Sochaux show promise up and I also brought in Vitija Sadik from Grasshoppers. Had a deal for Gabmin from Lens agreed but the contract couldn't be worked out - also tracking Hassen from Nice. Currently sitting 7th after 8 matches. Lots of 1-0 and 0-1 matches right now. Trying to keep things tight before I begin to play more expansive once Gourcuff comes back. Really excited to see how Janvier and Dembele get on.
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