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  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you . Can´t wait for this skin.
  2. I am interested too in this. Something new??
  3. Sony Xperia z3 compact. Perfect performance and perfect size to carry with you FM evertywhere (8")
  4. Miles said a few weeks ago that the plan is 4November, but depends of Google market and Apple store
  5. I have the same feeling tieio 1. Yes. FMT >>>> FM. Since I have play FMT i can´t go back to FM 2. Editor db, Inscription rules.
  6. Thanks Lucas Scouts do the job of data analysts? So FMT have the same info of the match (STATS) that FM?
  7. I asked the same on Twitter and Miles said to me that it will be released 4th Nov
  8. Thanks! This is the only one I know. (Thanks BoxToBox! ) If someone know another one please post it here.
  9. Thanks! I will keep searching for FMT skins. I need to change it from time to time.
  10. Thanks!! I test it last night. Good Job!! I am searching for skins for FMT (tablet and PC version). Do you know others skins for this version??? Specially tablet version... Thank you!!
  11. Are there any alternative skins for FMT?? PC or tablet version. I am interested in both Thanks!
  12. Very interesting post. I am very interested too. Anyone??
  13. Hi BoxToBox. The tablet version is for PC game (to see it as the tablet version) or is a skin for tablet version?? Sorry if it is a stupid question!!
  14. More: - More skins - Skins with bigger pictures of players (now are very little) - Posibilitty to see the schedule and league table of previous seasons
  15. Hi! I want to have always highlighted the most important atributtes for the best position of the player when I open a player`s profile. Is there any way? Sometimes I play the game and attributes are highlightened and others times they are not. Can you help me? Thanks!
  16. Have player's languages influence in their performances in FM Touch??? For example: An english player will have difficulties in Italy until he learn italian? How important is to known languages for a player? Thanks!
  17. Stadiums with athletics tracks please!! Play in San Paolo, Olimpic of Rome, Olympiastadion ... without this kills the experience. Thanks!
  18. FMT17 Wishes: - Data editor - Real Inscription rules for competitions. - Tactics Familiarity - Injuries history (Tablets)
  19. I am playing on my Surface Pro 4 and the experience is awesome. Football Manager Everywhere
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