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  1. Please, any skin's maker can do a skin for FMT? There are many people playing FMT and are looking for new skins. Thanks!
  2. I play FMT in Huawei M3 Mediapad. The game runs perfect but I don´t have any sounds in matchs. I can hear the music of the Start Screen, but nothing in the match. I have activated the match sounds in Preferences, so I dont know what is wrong... Thanks!
  3. Why do you say that you can't use graphics in FMT PC version?? Yes you can. You can use graphics exactly the same than normal version.
  4. @pikawa94 FM Touch please!! Last year this was the only FMT skin and was amazing. Thanks for your work.
  5. I proved FM Touch 3 years ago when my first son borned. Best discovery of my life. I love FM, but FMT is just what I need now in my life (3 years old son and 11 months old daughter) One person definied FMT as" Football manager without the things that ruins Football Manager"
  6. I play in a SP4 and it runs perfect. Lots of countries and 3d in "high"
  7. Thanks Guipo!! Anyone of SIGAMES Team can say something about it?? Very strage quit this parameter this year.
  8. Very useful. Thanks Someone knows how to change it?
  9. This is the first year that i can´t change the resolution of the game in "preferences". Can anyone do it or is this not allowed this year? Thanks
  10. Can't understand why this is the only version with this restriction. I need some visual changes for keep playing. At least change the background... Thank you anyway @BoxToBox
  11. Sorry, I forgot to say that I am talking about tablet android version. There is any chance to get de base skin for FMT 2017 tablet??
  12. Thanks Michael! And what resolution must have the backgrounds for FMT Tablet version? Can I choose any Image with any resolution??
  13. Anybody? Somebody from SIGAMES can help me with this? Only want to change the background. I cant find it... Thanks
  14. Anyone knows where is the banckground image in FM Touch 2017 skin?? I want to change it but don´t know where is it. Thanks!
  15. @pikawa94 any plans of create this skin for android version???
  16. @pikawa94 any chance to release an alternative version with lighter background??
  17. Thanks!!! How can I use it? I install it in "My documents/.../Football Manager Touch 2017/skins" but I cant see it in the game Edit: Working perfect. Good work!! The game looks fantastic with this skin. One question. Can you do another version of the skin with a lighter background??
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