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  1. @KennedyBakircioglu THANKS!! Any skin fot FMT is VERY welcome. Thanks for your work.
  2. I agree. I also noticed that. With my most used tactic I have it with the higher value.
  3. Amazing skin! My only problem is that i can't see any information on stadistics screen ("reports panel" of player's profile). Anyone with this problem? All the rest is perfect. THANKS
  4. ouchhh! So.. What Am I seeing in familirity graphic?? A random value??
  5. Why do you see this issue as a bug? I love the posibilitty to see this info in tactic's screen. Is one of the most demanded things for FMT. Please don't remove it!
  6. 8 With: - Editor for custom db - Inscription rules - Simplified system of dynamics - Posibility of see data from previous years (league tables or transfer market history of your team of previous years) - A way to see players profile while you are in Match Engine. - Tactics familiarity will be a 10
  7. Please, any skin's maker can do a skin for FMT? There are many people playing FMT and are looking for new skins. Thanks!
  8. @pikawa94 FM Touch please!! Last year this was the only FMT skin and was amazing. Thanks for your work.
  9. Thanks Guipo!! Anyone of SIGAMES Team can say something about it?? Very strage quit this parameter this year.
  10. Very useful. Thanks Someone knows how to change it?
  11. This is the first year that i can´t change the resolution of the game in "preferences". Can anyone do it or is this not allowed this year? Thanks
  12. More: - More skins - Skins with bigger pictures of players (now are very little) - Posibilitty to see the schedule and league table of previous seasons
  13. FMT17 Wishes: - Data editor - Real Inscription rules for competitions. - Tactics Familiarity - Injuries history (Tablets)
  14. No problem Smurf! thank you for the help. Just thought that this was the correct thread. I agree that a new thread about FM16 on "2 in 1" or "hybrids" will be useful. Anyway, if anybody with Surface pro read this thread please tell us about the experience.
  15. I have not a Surface, so I can't download the demo. I am just thinking about buying it OK but Surface is a pc, is not a Tablet. I think this is the correct thread to ask it. Thanks.
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