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  1. OK Lucas. I don't know much about this kind of things. I supuse that if the game can save the history of all the players, it could save too the Transfer History.
  2. In tablet version you can't see previous seasons transfers. In PC version yo can see it, but not in the tablet. I don't know why SIGAMES do this. It seems to be easy to add this feature but they never do it.
  3. In my opinion, today (19/11/2018) YES. I love this game but this year there are too many bugs. Beta release day was 1 month ago and today there are some important bugs that do the experience worst than other years. I hope SIGAMES release a new patch this week or soon because this is going on for too long.
  4. Totally agree with this post, especially in the case of goalkeepers. GK are clearly underrated in all versions of FM (FM, FMT and FMM)
  5. I understand what are you saying Lucas, but I am very dissapointed this year with FMT. It seems like SIGAMES don't care about this game and only focus on FM. I know the players are still training, but we can't see their performance...
  6. So the fix is to loose weeks of training until the game wants to show it?? really Lucas?? I have simulate 3 weeks and nothing appear in training screen. I tought something as important as this will be fixed in the first patch. I don't know what happened this year but… Very dissapointed. I have playing CM/FM last 20 years and I have no complained never, but this year, at this moment (14 november), I can`t play my favorite game. Almost 2 weeks since the release date.
  7. 19.1.4 and the training is still broken.
  8. 19.1.4 and the same bugs: Training doesn't Works and Attribute masking is still broken…
  9. It happens to me in every saves I start... The thing is that also happens in FM. In the FM bugs forum SIGAMES staff says that is a UI problem. The training runs ok but the interface don't show it at this screen. Hope they can fix it in both versions SOON!!
  10. THANKS Connor, Happy to read it. Good Luck with it.
  11. Hi Adam. I have uploaded my save file to the cloud. The version of the game is 19.1.2 The file's name is: Lorenzo Sirvent - Milan I have notice that in another device with FMT19 version 19.1 I have not this problem. Thanks
  12. Hi Luke! Thanks for the attention. Are you saying that is not usual? is not happening to all the players???? I have upload to your cloud my save as: Lorenzo - Leeds TRAINING.fmt Hope you can fix it soon or give us a solution. I can´t play with it THANKS.
  13. Thanks Adam. I will upload this night at home. Thanks for your work.
  14. Hi! Do you know if FMM18 was in sale at some point of the last season? Las year I bought it in the release date, but this one I want to wait until the game is on sale. Thanks.
  15. Can't see nothing in the 3 Windows of tactics screen. I have never posted a bug in all these years, and this is the third on this edition FMT19 ...
  16. After read you, I have try reinstalling the game, clearing the cache... but nothing works. Why training Works for some people and not for others? There are more people without this problems?? Thanks
  17. Thanks Lucas. I Will. The training bug is really serious…
  18. I have had some bugs others years, but I don't care because wasn't important. As i said to Lucas I am on fussy with this things… but this year..
  19. Really???? I can't use it in any of my saves… And I am not the only one. Please check the links of my posts. I can't use it
  20. Training is OK in your saves?? YOu can play without training Lashley?
  21. Hi Lucas. You can see my posts in the bugs forum. Seriusly Lucas. I am not very demanding with this kind of things, but this year is the worst FMT launch in my opinion. I trust SIGAMES team. I hope they fix it son. Is the first time that I have to stop playing a FM.
  22. Totally agree. Unplayable. I hope SIGAMES fix it. I am a FM/CM player since 1996 and this year I am very dissapointed with FMT. Very very very poor product. I thought that I Will never say that, but next year I Will think a lot if buy it or not.
  23. I have prove everything but it doesn't resolved anyway. Waiting for some reply of SIGAMES team…
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