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  1. En 25/12/2016 a las 14:13, michaeltmurrayuk dijo:

    As steam is back up and I can now access Touch mode, I've found a slightly more user friendly method, as it looks like you can add the Skin Colours panel from the full mode into Touch Mode.

    This will only work if you are using a custom skin (the above method will work on the default skins), download this file; fmt17_colourchooser.zip

    Extract it and place the game folder into the panels folder for the skin you are using, then reload the skin and goto the Preferences -> Interface screen and you should now have a Skin Colours Tab, select that and you should be able to set the attribute threshold from there like in the full mode, though you cannot change the attribute colours from there that will have to be done the old way.

    Thanks Michael! :applause::applause::applause:

  2. hace 1 hora, Luke Rumble dijo:

    Ah found out what the issue is, looks like it is because you are using the Touchscreen version of the Retro skin. I believe it should be there for these skins as well, but theres a chance that it shouldn't be, as database size isn't an option for the tablet builds however I have passed it onto the dev team anyway to take a look. If you were to switch your skin to the normal retro version while setting up the game it should be there and then you can switch it back once you're in your save.

    It may be that! I use a 23" touch screen at home and always choose the Touchscreen version because of this. 

    I am now at work, in a few hours I will change it and tell you what happens.

    Can be this issue the answer to my other problem with the manager exprience??? 

    Thanks Luke

  3. hace 51 minutos, Luke Rumble dijo:

    Are you trying to select it from the Advanced Setup screen? Or from the dropdown in the top right of the Quick Start dialog? The dropdown had to be disabled in the quickstart dropdown as at this time only 1 database should be selectable. The option is available fine for us here on the public beta build on the Advanced Set up screen.

    Advance Setup screen.

    I select all the leagues that I want to play and when I try to select the start date and database size the game only allow me to choose the start date, database selector is missing.

    I have clear cache but nothing change.


  4. hace 44 minutos, mozza79 dijo:

    That is my point though, there is no option to do so. You keep going back to scout player and all you get is the same report with only half the stats unmasked and no more info. Pretty much as loren1983 says must be an issue with masking.

    Another glaring bug (to go with manager starting rep and ghost goals) that should never be allowed to make it through to the full game when you have a beta. If bugs like this were in full fat there would outrage and i doubt people would have to wait until a major update for it to be rectified.

    100% agree with you Mozza.

    Anyway, if you use the public beta you will find it fixed. Is the only way to play with the Atributte masking until they release 19.2

  5. hace 1 hora, Luke Rumble dijo:

    Apologies for not updating this thread as well. Yes this issue is fix in the public beta build that we put out yesterday. Instructions on how to access it are below. As for the ME changes, FMT shares the exact same ME as full FM at all times. So the ME in the FM public beta build is the same one that is in the live FMT public beta now. These changes will also be in the next full update for the normal version of FMT.


    Hi Luke. I have started a new save in the public beta but still can´t see the Manager experiencie option like the last years. I don't know if this is the correct forum to post it or if is better to post it in the Beta public bugs forum. 

  6. hace 4 minutos, Luke Rumble dijo:

    Glad to hear you're enjoying this build. With a major update it tends to have more bug fixes in that when we do minor updates, which are mainly stability fixes (crashes etc).We don't update it everyday, but we do try and update at least once a week in the lead up to a public update release, sometimes twice. Yeah you will be able to carry your save over from the public beta to the normal version, but yeah as you said only once we update, as the public beta code is currently 19.2 and the normal version is still 19.1.5.

    Thanks for the info Luke.

    I will play more this night. If I found something that could help I will post it here. THANKS!

  7. Justo ahora, Luke Rumble dijo:

    Hi @Loren1983, this is an issue we are aware of and it is currently with our dev team who are working on a fix for the next full update. 

    Thanks! I really enjoyed a lot this version. Only played about 1 hour what I was very happy to see some issues fixed. 

    Thanks for your work!! 

    Two questions: Do you update this version each day? Can I play with a save started in the public beta in the normal FMT version when the next big patch will be released? 

    Thanks Luke


  8. Hi! I played yesterday the public beta version. The time I spend whit it was great because some of the bugs I posted in the Bugs forum are solved.

    The only issue I had yesterday was in the Scouting screen. Everytime I click on "Manager" to take the scuting responsability the UI freeze and all the right side of the screen (the one with the reports of scouted players) disappear  . Sometimes when this happen I can change to others screens (Squad, Training, Club..) , but others the game crash and I have to CTRL+ALT + DELETE to exit the game.


  9. hace 10 horas, mozza79 dijo:

    Not sure if im doing something wrong or missed something but scouting seems broken. All reports come back incomplete and not showing full attributes. Also, used to have the option button to keep scouting until you got the full stats but this isn't there. Is this a known issue?


    The same issue here. It has been reported in other posts. The "Atributte Masking" DLC is broken. You can send a scout 3599 times but you will never see all his atributtes.

    We have to wait for a patch... :seagull:

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