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  1. Hi, yes that is correct I have only been playing the game on the one Steam account I have. I also have not received the "Challenge Master" achievement. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I have completed all the challenges on FM touch and been given the trophies on steam for each and also the tick on the challenge on the challenge selection screen. However, the last one (starting from the bottom) is not being ticked off or given me the trophy despite getting the congratulations you have completed the challenge screen at the end of the season. Do you know why this would be?
  3. Hi, How do u clear the hall of fame on fm12??
  4. basically i risk getting banned for saying this but they stop custom kits being put on top
  5. Hi, I want to buy a new laptop and need it to be good at normal pc things like microsoft word etc but also need one which runs fm as best as possible, any help?
  6. cheers its been about 2 months so far just wondered
  7. Hi, How long can 'in process of a board takeover' last??
  8. That would be great if you could do it please, its in the game-save section as scoutreportbugcrash
  9. I get a runtime error from just doing 100 at a time and I have 25000!
  10. I have tried the steps but my game crashes because there are sooo many scout reports!
  11. Hi, I keep getting this after a certain date on fm12, I have the latest patch which I have downloaded but hasnt helped, any ideas?? Thanks
  12. Hi, If I get a new stadium built will the chairs be black like on fm11?? If so, why?? Its really annoying!!
  13. I can't find the official fm12 thread for them and want to know what players to sign?? can anyone help?? thanks
  14. this is because every stadium has an expansion capacity, your current ground has reach its maxmimum but this new stadium will be much more, its will only be 5000 more now but after expansion will be much more
  15. basically, I am not saying fm needs to get it the same as irl but must stop kit clashes such as barca v man utd cause its annoying!
  16. Hi, After watchig the man city v arsenal match today both teams wear their home kits and on fm they dont, arsenal wear their away kit which is blue! Also man utd use their away kit against wolves and dont irl. Barca and Man Utd wear home kits when playing each other which they wouldnt irl!! Fic this please si!
  17. this STILL hasnt been fixed, whenever united play a team in all white they have red socks!! *sigh*
  18. Hi, I have seen that there are a few problems on the new patch, I am currently really into my save which is in 2015 and I really dont want to ruin it, should I play on or should I wait until some of the problems are fixed so my save isnt ruined??
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