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  1. Hi David, I have tried that and also tried a full uninstall and reinstall. Nothing has helped. What else can I do? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Thanks for replying to me. After some investigation it's not just in challenges it's in normal FMT career mode as well. It's not during a match it's just anytime in the game. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  3. Update: I have tried clearing the cache and also tried uninstalling and installing a few times and no success. Please can someone help?!
  4. Hi, On FMT when I'm in a challenge save game, the 'quit to start screen' option is always greyed out. Why is this and is it a bug? To get back to the start screen I have to restart FMT which is annoying as it takes ages to load up. Thanks.
  5. Hi, How do u clear the hall of fame on fm12??
  6. Does anyone know??
  7. do u know how??
  8. basically i risk getting banned for saying this but they stop custom kits being put on top
  9. How can I get rid of these kits?? Thanks
  10. Hi, I want to buy a new laptop and need it to be good at normal pc things like microsoft word etc but also need one which runs fm as best as possible, any help?
  11. cheers its been about 2 months so far just wondered
  12. Hi, How long can 'in process of a board takeover' last??
  13. That would be great if you could do it please, its in the game-save section as scoutreportbugcrash
  14. I get a runtime error from just doing 100 at a time and I have 25000!